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What Do You Think?

We do so much thinking, we get used to the idea! But in this article, I aim to show that our thoughts are the most important events we will ever experience. The whole of life flows from our thinking! I write as a Christian and believe thinking is a God-given gift. Are you ready to focus your thoughts – what do YOU really think?

The Problem of Evil – A Brief Biblical Solution

Atheists often claim that there is no acceptable answer for the problem of evil. They argue that every day, innocent children die at childbirth, from natural disasters and birth defects. They argue that these children are sinless and blameless, yet they die by the thousands. If there is a loving god why does evil exist?

Churches on the Move Need Flexible Seating Options

It’s time to head to worship and you are wondering if you can find a seat. Church seating for a growing congregation or a church that is on the move can be an issue. Seating should be comfortable, sturdy and able to meet the needs of the worship canter and its members.

Jesus’ Crucifixion Seems Absurd – What’s The Point?

You may be one of many who think that Jesus’ death by crucifixion under Roman law outside of Jerusalem was pointless and pathetic. So, end of Story? No, this is only where it begins, because Christianity is built on the meaning of Jesus’ person and why he died. Here are some of the reasons why the ‘cross’ of Christ is something we all need to face.

Planning a Baptism

For parents planning a child’s baptism, there are many considerations and preparations to make. From choosing refreshments to inviting guests, parents should plan ahead with help from a church coordinator. While baptisms are a formal ceremony, the details of preparatory classes and the actual performance details of the rite may vary from church to church. It is traditional for infants and small children to wear white christening gowns or dressy clothes. Family members and godparents tend to wear more formal clothes to express the importance of the occasion.

A New Level Of Trust

The Lord says our problem is with our “thought life!” Our thoughts are the things that are keeping us in bondage to pride. Yet is it not true that we rarely rein our thoughts in and cast them down? I have found my thoughts are very much like a faucet. If I have a thought about my appearance I open up a flood of other thoughts about clothing, physical fitness, and fat or thin and these begin to lead down another path of perhaps money to pay for a fitness program or clothing that will make me look better

Christian Gifts for Christian Living

This article educates people to start giving gifts that are more than money can buy. Unique gifts of time, forgiveness, love or compassion, as all of these are Christian gifts for Christian living.

Easter and Prophecy – The Resurrection You Will Believe

Yes, this writer is aware of the pagan roots of the holiday we now call Easter, but we are addressing the heart of the matter here, not the misguided perception. The heart is resurrection, nothing more.

Go to All and Make Disciples of All Nations

This is an article about how a t-shirt with a Christian message can help you start a conversation. This is very useful when witnessing to others and not knowing how to initiate the conversation.

Praising To The Victory

Praising the Lord is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things a Believer can do. The question arises as to when we begin the process of adoration. Do we revert to praise while the victory is still in doubt to our soulish reasoning?

A Question of Mixture

During the fifties and sixties the Pentecostal Churches were the golden child of Church growth. Yet today we are in such decline in the U.S. that almost none of us have posted an increase in many years. This is despite the emergence of mega-churches and countless creative ways to reach new people. As I grieve over these truths I remember the Lords words, “You are my dear children, and I will not lift my discipline off of you until you change”. I cannot tell you what peace that brings to my soul. I also cannot tell you how much courage that statement gave me to speak out louder and clearer than ever before. Dear ones, “Daddy” is home and He is ready to take care of our misbehavior. He will correct us in love but do not be mistaken, He will correct us. He will not lift His hand until we return to the humble and obedient child He is after.

A Word On “Deserve”

One of the reasons the problem of offense is so great is the fact that we have not truly listened to what the Lord has said. As the old saying goes, “I never promised you a rose garden.” Yet, most believers convince themselves that their Christianity will indeed be a rose garden. We somehow believe that we are special or different as regards to the pain, suffering, sacrifice and rejection that our Christian faith will bring.

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