Revival in North Carolina

Harbinger II: You Thought Same-Sex Marriage Meant America Is Going Down? Wait a Month!

The Harbinger was about a series of events that needed explanation in Cahn’s best-selling book that warns of impending judgment. Harbinger II needs little explanation except to note that the Supreme Court decision for same-sex marriage came on a date that resonates with biblical meaning for what’s happening and may be confirmed within weeks.

The Church Versus the Church Part 2

The majority of agnostics and non-believers are witnessing the displays of the “people’s church”, rather than God’s Church. The alarming thing is the actions of the people’s church are getting all the attention, while God’s Church experiences collateral damage.

If God Is In You Then You Seek Out the Truth

Lies, corruption, and death run the world because of the work of the two beasts of Revelation. Behind them, however, was the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe who has tested and judged its people and is now leading them to abandon the lies and seek out the truth.

If God Is For You Then You Can’t Kill

There are many ways that God uses to kill those who are against the truth. One of them is through terrorists and those brainwashed from birth whose minds are twisted and manipulated by ridiculous notions such as an eternal life in Paradise.

How To Find The Real God

God is not religion and religion does not lead to God. Those who are confused about the many false gods, idols, icons, and places of worship should take a step back and listen to their inner voice. It speaks the truth.

The Separation of Church and State: Our National Heritage

Many believe the separation of church and state is guaranteed in the constitution. If it’s in there, I haven’t found it. But I have read the Declaration of Independence several times. The first few paragraphs of that sacred document I have posted below. Reading those lines, it becomes evident the founding fathers had no such thought to abandon our creator. It specifically states our rights come from God, not government. There isn’t any other way to interpret it.

Why Hindus Consider Cows Sacred

The protection and veneration of cows by Hinduism is an abundantly established fact in India and everywhere in the world where Hindus live. The causative force most easily comprehended by people all over the world lies in the cow’s nature of selfless beneficence and non-violence. The reverence of this useful domestic beast by Hindus is not confined to its preservation for merely its products.

Does the Old Testament Teach Life After Death?

Very little seems to be said about eternal life in the Old Covenant. But is it fair to say that the subject is never brought up?

Love The AME Church Way!

Tough Questions, even tougher answers… what will we do? It is a hot Friday night in Lilburn, Georgia and the cool breeze is a welcome relief as it touches my face with a gentle caress… I hear the firecrackers in the far distance popping at Stone Mountain Park.

What The Witch of Endor Did

The Bible’s book of 1 Samuel tells a fascinating story about a king of Israel consulting a medium. The question has persisted about what really happened on that night long ago.

If God Is With You You Won’t Get Shot

Religious idols and places of worship are under attack and for good reason. They do not represent the real God, but are places of false gods where man’s power is on display and not that of the Divine.

Can Demons Re-Enter Humans?

If a man is delivered from demon possession, can he be afflicted in the same way again later? Jesus says, yes.

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