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Top-Secret Information – Can’t Be Found in the Bible

The other day I was looking for some answers to some of the contradictions that I have found in the Bible, when I came across a mysterious article that God must have directly placed in front of me. Knowing that God was now working through me and I was under the control of an unseen force that couldn’t be explained, I knew I had to act and I had to act right now. That’s the reason why I’m writing this article and I would like to share my experience with you.

Does God Really Want All Marriages to Work Out?

I believe that God truly does want all marriages to work out and if he could actually do something about it, I would like to believe that he would. However, there are thousands of religious people who have been divorced, are still getting divorced and could actually get divorced again, in the future, if they were to ever remarry.

The MacArthur Study Bible – An Example of Biblical Detail

This article is written to show the detail and biblical accuracy of the MacArthur Study Bible. Today, let’s take a look at 1 Peter 3:18 – a tough passage to interpret.

Whittling the List

Paul was not calling the Corinthians to greater effort. Rather, Paul was calling them to Jesus Christ. The only righteousness available to them was the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Paul was painfully aware of the sins of the Corinthians. And he was painfully aware that too many of them had hold of the righteousness stick by the wrong end. He knew that they had been chasing worldly foolishness and forsaking godly wisdom.

What’s the Difference in Christianity 100 Years Ago?

Christianity today seems to suffer from too much information, 100 years ago, there were hundreds of Christian leaders that couldn’t even read or write. Today most Christians, including their leaders, not only can read or write, but have access to more information than some large Christian churches would like their followers to know.

Can You Unloose Jesus’ Shoes?

What is your Heaven View? Did you know that your Heaven View directly impacts your Worldview? Through your Heaven and Worldview, Can you unloose Jesus’ shoes?

Religion and Politics – The Fading Spirit of Sophia

Throughout the ages religion and politics have caused innumerable conflicts both great and small. The caustic reactions of those who adhere to opposing philosophies have turned the world upside down in all cultures and creeds. Some would argue that this has been a necessary evil and one which over time has brought us to the global civilization we now know, yet one must ask one’s self, ‘At what cost?’

How to Become a Muslim?

Becoming a Muslim is a very easy process. There is no need to apply to an authority or to conduct any religious ceremony. But it is necessary firstly to believe a unique creator, Allah. And also, it is necessary to believe all His prophets (including Mohammed aleyhissalam) and their notifications. Everyone become Muslim by believing in this way and declaring his belief with the words “Lailahe illallah, Mohammeden rasulullah” (There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His prophet).

Feeling Your Share of Stress? Here Are Some Bible Remedies to Eliminate Stress

It’s not too hard to find a little stress. Problems with your; job, marriage, relationships, finances, debt, health, the economy, kids, grand-kids, school, church, car trouble, scheduling conflicts, etc. Here are some Bible recommendations to relieve a little stress…

Saint Toribio Romo

Saint Toribio Romo is one of the Mexican Martyrs of the 20th Century (1927). We traveled to Jalisco to gather information on his life and martyrdom. He has become the Patron Saint of Immigrants.

Jesus is Exhausted

Jesus said to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat! (Mark 6:31)

Five Easy Steps to Strengthen Your Christian Faith

Christians for years have been trying to figure out ways to strengthen their faith and I’ve compiled a small list of things that you can do. Each one of these five of these steps will help you, while you’re climbing your ladder to heaven.

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