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The Christian Faith Offers Miracle Healing


The Christian Faith Offers Miracle Healing

Christian faith is a religion that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit rules a Christian, demons cannot settle in the human mind. Demons cannot influence a Christian who is possessed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables Christians to convert sinners and make them believers. Those who are under demonic influence are referred to as “possessed.”

The Church recognizes the right of elders to pray and anoint sick people with oil. James says that a priest’s faith-filled prayer will save the sick person. The word “sozo” means “restoration of the body,” and it also refers to salvation and bodily resurrection. The Sacrament of Anointing the Sick offers spiritual strength and powerful bodily healing. Despite its ambiguous definition, the Sacrament of Anointing the Sick is a powerful healing instrument.

These new dominionist/reconstructionist leaders have emerged from within right-wing populism and Christian activism. In California, a recent “Response” prayer rally was organized by charismatic wing leaders, including Jim Garlow, who headed the anti-marriage equality Proposition Eight campaign. Other leaders involved in the event included Alice Patterson and Cindy Jacobs, a charismatic front-figure in territorial spiritual warfare prayer.

Christians should be aware of the presence of demonic forces in their day-to-day lives. Demonic forces can interfere with a person’s purpose in life. To address such forces head-on is essential in the Christian faith. There are several ways to deal with these demonic forces. Once recognized, they can help a Christian live more fulfillingly. In other words, Christians should confront these forces as part of their spiritual warfare.

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