Revival in Portland, OR Day One | We have to know Him!

Rest, Honor, Worship & Rejuvenate

This article instructs of the benefits of resting and rejuvenating one day a week. God sharpens us when we spend time with him.

Knowledge Shall Be Increased, Daniel 12:4

When citing signs of the end times, modern day prophets cite the increase of knowledge. Examples range from improvements in medicine, technology, science, health and more. The commonality of all these is that they are drawn from secular examples. However, Daniel had something much more specific in mind.

Did Jesus Know Everything?

There are some people, who believed that Jesus was a man and later became God. Others believe that Jesus was God, and he came down to earth as a man, but had godlike abilities. Others believe that Jesus and God worked together from the very beginning and each of them share the title of all knowing entities.

A Spell You Say? Inductive Bible Study Uncovers Lessons From Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

So what was this Spell? What was Paul’s message to these Galatians entranced by its influence? What do we discern as the Bible speaks to us through Inductive Bible Study regarding its application in our lives today?

Shall We Have Emotions in Heaven?

Our deceased family members are in heaven…surely most are. The bible tells us, there “all share happiness, peace, and joy.”

Why Your Church Should Consider Online Social Networking

Social Networking – It fits in where other, more time-consuming things don’t. You can check your profile quickly after dinner or during your lunch break. You can update your blog once and keep all of your extended family and friends constantly in the know. You can post your pictures from your rebuilding mission before you wipe the sawdust off your feet.

The “DNA” Bible Code

I am a time traveler and the Holy Bible is my time machine. Travel with me through the Old Testament to Genesis, when time was in its infancy; when Yahweh convened with the Alohim to create Man.

Freedom and Possibility

Real freedom is not doing what you want. Our wants are controlled by sin, so that kind of freedom is slavery to sin. Real freedom is doing what God wants us to do.

Prayer Ministry to Find Freedom From Emotional Pain

What keeps us from growth in life? What fuels a fear of failure that keeps us locked into defeat for years and years? There is an old saying, “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten”. Shame is a major force in keeping us from ever trying anything new, from taking steps that can lead to our healing, maturing, and destinies.

The Deluge & Human Entity

The deluge – Hindu astronomy says that it occurs periodically, once in some thousands of years. The ever flowing rivers carry the earth on their way into the seas and raise their bottoms, so do the subterranean water currents too.

Never Man Spake Like This Man

The One who is the Word, the One who created the power of the spoken word, spoke more powerfully than any other man who ever lived. He’s Alive and He will return soon to set up His Kingdom upon this Earth.

Abundant Life the Christian Way

Are you living an abundant life? Or are you enslaved by the world and the world’s systems? Most folks are too busy earning a living to experience the abundant life that God has promised us through His Son…

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