Revival in Portland, OR Day Three | The Good News of the Kingdom!

Origin of Religion – Seven Stages in the Evolution of Religion

Have you ever wondered about the origin of religion? Those of you who have given birth or watched the birth of of a child know that babies do not come into the world with religious sensibilities. No baby has ever exclaimed “Oh My God,” or “Jesus Christ,” at birth. So where then does religion come from?

Build Your Life on the Rock of Moderation

When Christ advised that following his teachings would build one’s house on a foundation of rock, he meant it in a spiritual sense. His words, however, have proven true in a secular sense. The moderate life habits and psychological strength that come from following Christ’s teachings result in a longer and more satisfying life, as well as preparation for life’s adversities.

The Power of Prayer – Why Prayer Makes The Demons Tremble

Prayer to God is like having radio contact in combat with a general who has a spy satellite. The General (God) can see the big picture. He can see where forces are advancing and see weak points in the adversary’s positions. God is much smarter than Satan.

Amidst the Routine of Hard Work, The Almighty God Speaks & Moves & Something Dramatic Occurs!

Outreach and mission, in the Church of Jesus Christ, is not always dramatically exciting and thrilling. Much of the time, it is sheer hard work, in prayer and in endurance, and in remaining faithful to God. Perseverance and lasting the course and finishing the race, are vital lessons each of us has to learn, and there are some people who are reluctant to learn what is basic and practical. In what became a potentially explosive situation, God moved, and lives were changed and totally transformed. That can happen anywhere and at any time. We never know what our gracious living loving God is doing in a person’s live. Now, that is exciting.

A Wise Man Will Hear and Increase Learning – Proverbs:1:5

Solomon spends a lot of time in these proverbs talking about wise men and fools. He has a lot to say about foolish people. Right up front he makes a statement about a wise man and what he is like. Let me share with you…

To Give Prudence to the Simple, to the Young Man Knowledge and Discretion – Proverbs 1:4

Solomon wants to add that there are further reasons for his proverbs. He wants to say to the average person or lesser than average, the simple man can learn and take good instruction from his words. And for the young man when we all need knowledge and discretion these words in this book can lead them. Let me share with you…

Is Your Goal to Be Like Jesus?

My biggest problem with Christians is that they don’t seem to understand what Christianity is all about. Most Christians can tell me who their Lord and Savior is and a few of them can recite a couple of books from the Bible, but very few of them seem to have clear-cut goals and ideas about what Christianity actually is.

What’s Your Christian Journey About?

There’s a good chance, that if you are a Christian, you’ve probably been one your entire life. Have you done anything special or something extraordinary, something that Jesus would be proud of? If you have, are you really sure that he would be proud of what you have done, or even what you’re presently doing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Other Religions – Especially Your Own

I have met plenty of people, from different religions, cultures and even races, who are afraid to even talk to someone, who has different religious beliefs than they do. What do you think these people are actually afraid of? Do you think it’s the fear that someone from another religion, might actually say something to them that makes sense?

The Murder of John the Baptist

We had a baptism this morning, and I think if you’d searched through the Bible for the most inappropriate Gospel story to feature today, you couldn’t have done better (or rather worse) that the one we had this morning – the story of the death of John the Baptist! When you’re working with the lectionary, of course, it’s all the luck of he draw. We might have got Jesus saying, “let the little children come to me”, but we didn’t. We got this story of lust and murder, humiliation and death.

The Price Religious Followers Pay For Their Religious Beliefs

The story that I’m about to tell you, involves a family, that once loved and cherished each other. They all started out, believing in Jesus and Christianity. This story could change your life, so pay attention and read it carefully…

God’s Gift of Reason – Only the Chosen Understand

Whatever your religious beliefs are, there’s a good chance that you won’t argue with the fact that you have a mind and have the ability to reason things out. Whether you want to give God the credit for your gift of reason or blame him for the problems in your life, there is one thing that’s clear, you do have the ability to reason, but do you have the ability to rationalize logic.

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