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Parshat Mishpatim – Mysteriously Immoral

This parsha is loaded with mitzvot, good advice, and all sorts of other other ways of showing people how to lead an appropriate, moral existence. But one particular gem stands out to me amongst the rest. A diamond amongst gold, so to speak.

Excuse Me Sir – Do You Know Any Yeshivas Where I Can Study Talmud?

I knew very quickly when I decided to be an observant Jew that remaining an ignoramus forever was very much not an option.The question was: How, when, and where would I solve this problem?

Not Bobov, Perhaps Not Chassidic at All

So my not-so-enjoyable evening continued. The crowd was as loud and aggressive as imaginable. I thought nothing could quiet things down. And then I watched something I will never forget.

Key to the Book of Revelations

The book of Revelations has been a book of many seals to researchers. Here’s how to crack the code.

Turns Out I’m Not Satmar – But it Was Really Great Finding This Out!

The only reason I am who I am today is due to my training I got from the home front, parents who trained me to be open-minded. Part of being open-minded for me meant never judging something based purely on what other people said. I must see everything for myself. So if I were to accept all these negative reports about this Satmar group, it would have to be in conjunction with personal experience. But how could I do that?

Gong Hay Fat Choy

Maybe you’ll ask, what is gong hay fat choy? Gong hay fat choi or happy imlek is usually uttered by adherents of hu chu kong religion or ethnic Chinese in general.

Tenebrae Artes – Satanism

To begin, this essay is not an attempt to bash Satanism or any other religion for that matter. The major focal points and core belief system of Satanism revolve around Demonology, Black Magic, the Black Mass, Conjuration of Lucifer, Demonic Worship or Diabolism, Chaos Magick, Left-Hand Path (LHP), and the rejection of Christianity–its tenets, canon law, theology, etc.

The Black Regiment – The Bane of the British, the Soul of the American Republic

It was the “Black Regiment,” as it was derogatorily called by Tory Peter Oliver, that provided the laity with the moral authority and the theological acumen to resist the tyranny of parliament and the king. The enemy understood the power inherent in the “Black Regiment.”

Antichrist in the Bible – The Various Names and Verses Antichrist Appears in the Bible

One of the most commonly misunderstood terms today is the term “antichrist”. In this article I discuss the meaning of the term “antichrist” and the various names that the individual who we call “the Antichrist” goes by in the Bible.

Your Responsibility With Your Personal Prophecy – What the Bible Says

Paul tells us in the book of Thessalonians what we need to do with prophecy. When it comes to corporate prophecy in the church and personal prophecy for yourselves Paul makes it clear we should test all things and do something more. This article, a short one is what we are to do with our personal prophecies.

Indian Belief in Nature and Buddhism

Indian belief is versatile. There are many culture and religion. People worship nature also.

Parshat Korach – Death by Entitlement

God watches and grants the people their requests, despite their atrocious behavior toward their fearless leader. That is, of course, until they took their behavior too far. Their circumstance could be questioned, their emotions could be expressed, but to attack Moshe’s character was far more than could be tolerated. Korach and his posse stood before Moshe and exclaimed (Bamidbar 16:3), “It is too much for you! For the entire assembly – all of them – are holy and Hashem (God) is among them; why do you exalt yourselves over the congregation of Hashem?”

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