Revival in San Antonio Day 1

Is Our Treasure in Heaven Or on Earth?

Do you know anyone, who seems to have it pretty bad on earth and really can’t wait for the suffering and pain to go away from their life? I have met plenty of them. These people often create their own problems and these problems eventually lead to suffering. This suffering eventually leads them to hope, hope is what some religions offer to relieve the suffering on earth and the promise of heaven is starting to sound pretty good.

Troubled Hearts

We live in a world of troubled hearts. The disciples of Jesus had no clue that He would die. This truth was hidden from them. This is a great mystery in Scripture.

Unmasking and Revealing the Spirit of Anti-Christ Which Can So Easily Creep Into the Church

This is one important aspect of good sound spiritual leadership. If you aspire to become a leader take note of what that experienced apostle taught and wrote. John had walked with Jesus for over sixty years and he has something vitally important to teach us. There is an increasing wave of opposition and antagonism to Jesus Christ and the Word of God in these days, and this has to be exposed, but how did this happen? How did the pressure build up? Leaders need to be aware of this. Leadership is required in this area, particularly in a day when morality, true spirituality, and reliable economic judgment is just vanishing!

Jesus Delivers From Darkness Dust to Golden Light

The McKameys sing a song…Getting used to the dark. As a Christian, can that be possible? We have more churches, more Bible book stores, more radio and TV preaching, more Gospel music shows, more Christian internet, more christian books written than at any time in past history.

Our Possible Inheritance in Israel

Abraham was told that his seed would be great, like grains of sand. It could not even be numbered. According to scripture, some of his descendants have an inheritance in Israel.

How Christians Should Pray to Be Heard by God

Do you want your prayers to heard by God? Some Christians waste their time with prayers that God will not hear or answer. This article will help Christians prepare themselves for prayer. It also provides 7 steps to pray correctly according to the Bible.

The Religious Powers That Be

Rule books are always interesting creations of human beings, continually subject to change, especially when people don’t agree with their content. But what about rule books from God?

Which Bible? Is My Preacher Telling the Truth? Jesus Was Baptized So What About Me?

Were you baptized? Is the baptism even necessary for salvation?… Jesus himself was baptized…Who do we think we are? Especially those claiming to be Christians!

Of Dubious Or Correct Historicity?

Historicity has been clearly defined as basic historical accuracy and authenticity. Every event, writing, book, and utterance which have been produced by mortal man, which have had significant influence on the behavior of a large number of human beings, have, since the dawn of recorded history, been recorded by people who have, either, agreed or disagreed with the events, writings, books, and utterances, and the human reponses to them. Many of these people have belonged to the organizations of human beings which have produced these events, writings, books, and utterances, and have written history to reflect positively on their respective organizations, even when it should have been written to reflect negatively. The sources of a particular written history is, therefore, the basis for determining historicity. Hence, a person has to be careful when determining the 5 “W’s” of historical research, “Who, What, When, Where, and Why,” and the one essential “H,” “How,”when attempting to derive correct historical conclusions.

The Kalachakra Mantra and Tantra

The Kalachakra tantra has been held sacred and preserved in both India and Tibet for over 2500 years. The Kalachakra tantra helps purify the body and mind. Kalachakra literally means, Time wheel or Time Circle.

Here’s a Way to See Jesus – Good News For All Christians

I was reading something the other day in the Bible and it got me thinking, if Jesus had appeared to his disciples, Paul and a this few other people on earth after his death, why wouldn’t he appear to me or someone else. Are these people better than me, if yes then how, and if no, then how come I can’t see my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Get ready for some secret information.

A Long View

We live in a time of deep crisis. The best way to cope with crises is to look wide and long. We may well be connection with people who have lived before us. We may also be in connection with those who have not yet lived. In these connections, we are connection in God.

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