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Seeds of War

The peace plan President Obama wants to impose on Israel could have dire consequences. He may be planting the seeds for the next world war.

Divisive Waters

Human beings must take care not to issue judgment or discern things apart from reference to God. The word judgment is to be understood in its widest meaning here. It means making decisions, evaluations. And it incorporates the ability to discern meaning. All meaning issues from God, and apart from God all meaning vanishes. The only way that unbelievers can make sense of the world is to borrow meaning from God, while at the same time deny His very existence.

Religion, Science, and Truth

Organized religion and the hard sciences add to our stash of knowledge. Unfortunately, part of this knowledge is only religious fervor or junk science; in other words, human knowledge-information twisted by politics, personal ideologies, or money. Basically, human information is not scientific; therefore, humanity can get bogged down by the fervor and junk until we realize truth is not defined by human knowledge. By it’s own authority, scientific knowledge reveals itself.

Tips For Analyzing Sermons

The first thing you do is collect a number of representative sermons. These are a number of your sermons that are representative of your preaching ministry. Just grab them, whether they’re on audio, whether they’re on video or whether they’re in text form.

The Geneva Bible Fosters Hope For Church Reform That Will Transform Society

As Marshall Foster states in The History and Impact of the Geneva Bible, “the Geneva Bible inspired those who championed self-government, free enterprise, education, civic virtue, protection of women and children, and godly culture.” The free societies that developed because of this church reform were largely influenced by the publication of The Geneva Bible.

Questions and Answers About Bibles

When my daughter was first diagnosed with dyslexia and autism, it was recommended to me that I obtain a large print Bible as it was felt that this would make reading easier for her, and it was very effective. Some children with learning disabilities are what is known as auditory learners, meaning that they process the spoken word better than the written word, and for those children I would suggest the Bible on CD, cassette tapes or MP3 files.

The Secret to Saving the World – One Person at a Time

Saving the world might seem like a job for someone else. You might even think it presumptuous that I should consider writing a five hundred word article on such a big topic. But in actual fact, saving the world is really the simplest thing a person can do. It calls for just one small baby step. It calls for you.

Does Passable Christianity Encourage Personal Evangelism Training?

God never intended for us to have a “passable” mindset (doing only the minimum possible)! Though some believers have been given a special gift for evangelism, the rest of us still have a personal responsibility to evangelize.

Narratives in Scripture (Historical Consideration)

The importance of historical consideration is taken into account in the narrative based on the viewpoint from which the narrative is written. We must not have an objective, impartial or non-interpretive historical point of view because we understand that no two people will see everything in the same light. In order to understand the historical aspects of a narrative we have to know the intent and purpose the writer had in mind at the time and the circumstances in and under which the narrative was written. This is not to say that he was mistaken in what he saw and heard or had any intent to mislead in what he wrote concerning the events that had taken place.

How to Write the Perfect Sermon – Part 2

This is the second article how to write the perfect sermon. It will show you how 3 simple techniques can greatly enhance your delivery.

Bible Devotions For Kids – Are They Important?

Is it important for parents to talk to their kids about spiritual things? If you answered yes, then shouldn’t the answer as to the importance of Bible devotions for kids also be yes?

Even the Bible Men Didn’t Always Share Jesus Without Fear

Some of the men we read about in the pages of the Bible didn’t always go out fearlessly to share their faith, so keep going. Don’t let fear keep you from the ministry God has called you to, and when He accomplishes great things through you, all glory must go to Him!

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