Why Have We Been Delivered?

Why did God deliver us? Because He had to have someone to ‘give’ to. That’s simply what Love does – always has, always will!

It’s As Plain As It Looks

Certainly, the depths of God’s Word we’ll never fully comprehend until we get to Heaven. But, in always searching so doggedly for some deep ‘spiritual’ meaning of the Scriptures, it’s often easy to overlook a ‘surface truth’ that’s staring you squarely in the face.

Let the Maker Make!

All God asks of any of us is to turn to Him, get His instructions, and obey them. We don’t have to ‘figure it all out’ or do anything ‘all by ourselves.’ We just have to follow His lead, one step at a time. Kind of takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

Addition by Subtraction

If you were to do an in-depth study of the Bible, you’d find that ‘addition-by-subtraction’ is a central theme. Jesus taught extensively on the subject using the example of seeds, likening the entire Kingdom of God to a tiny seed which produces a great harvest.

What Is The Source Of Your Happiness?

The source of true happiness is God. However, as sinful human beings we seek happiness in temporal, worldly, and self-fulfilling desires. It has been suggested that happiness is a psychological disorder. If true, then happiness as a human endeavor is impossible.

Some Truth About Satanism

What kind of images pop into your mind, when you hear the word Satanist? Would you be confused if I told you that, Satanists don’t believe in the Devil? The Satanic religion is associated with evil, but in reality, there’s nothing evil about it. Let me shed some light on this widely misunderstood religion.

Partial Obedience Is Disobedience

Many a time is when God gives us instructions, we arise obediently but unfortunately we do not follow His directive fully. Going by the title, you might be expecting me to delve into a Biblical Character who was given a directive by God, disobeyed and had negative consequences but today let’s focus on a very important man who received a directive from God and followed it to the last dot. A positive example will be better to help us make steps in the right direction.

Top 5 Terrific Worship Leading Tips

Searching for worship leading tips you should use immediately in next week’s service? While leading worship can involve a lifelong means of learning, there are still things that you are able to do and apply to your praise and worship team to have immediate impact.

Better Than Ragu!

God’s covenant with us is a legally binding contract ratified by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. And everything we need for this life and the next one has been included in it – it’s in there, just like ‘you-know-what.’

In Praise of Farmin’

Farmers know all about sowing and reaping crops. And, if we’re every going to manifest and progress God’s Kingdom here on earth like He wants us to, we’re going to have to understand it, as well.

The Key to All Miracles!

Have you ever wondered where miracles come from? Here’s a little insight into the world of the ‘miraculous,’ and the very simple principle that fuels it – all of it!

Have You ‘Found Yourself’ Yet?

How did Jesus know where to go and just what to do and say – all the time? Actually, He did it exactly the same way He expects us to.

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