Religion and Life’s Big Questions

For as long as man has walked the earth he has asked life’s big questions of himself and others. ‘Why are we here?’; ‘Who started this world?’; ‘Who is in charge?’; ‘Do I have a purpose in life?’ Many have postulated plausible, influential answers, and some have gone mad attempting to answer such questions about religion and about life. Still, the vast majority of people harbor an inner surrender to the fact that…

God’s Institutes of Praise, Prayer and Prophecy

From the sermon entitled “The Holy Spirit through Christ, in the Church, for the World” three institutes of difference are set forth. This is the positive impact and purpose of the Church in the world. And in a world that has, certainly of recent times, found much to criticise in God’s holiest vessel, these three institutes are ever important.

Rest for Weary and Burdened Souls

Sometimes we can be in such a hurry to get to a peaceful end, when we finally arrive there we are too worn out to enjoy it. Then we get frustrated, even angry, that we cannot enjoy the time of peace created – a vacation or respite from the strains of life. Finding rest en route is as simple as choosing to obey God in our weakness; to draw upon divine strength is the simple but courageous decision to simplify, focus and overcome. Jesus has taught us the way.

What Do I Trust?

What do I trust in this often scary world? And why do I assume horrors won’t be hurled? For what I allow in will certainly decree, Exactly what I am coming now to be.

Swallowed and Spit Out

When God clearly directs us to do a particular thing, we have to decide if we will obey or not. If we choose to disobey, then we will have to deal with the consequences. The ancient story of Jonah and the great fish illustrates how this principle works out in real life. We can learn from this story and apply the truths we learn to our own lives.

The Life That Pleases God

Though every genuine Christian wants to please God, doing so is not happenstance. In this article, the writer expounds on the kind of lifestyle that pleases God.

Thinking of a Volunteer Vacation?

Voluntourism or a volunteer vacation, is a form of time off that has begun to thrive in the last couple of decades. Even with the decline in the world economy, and the drastic drop in travel, volunteer vacations have remained steady. It is believed that part of the reason for this is that people feel that a vacation that is focused on helping a good cause is still a worthy expense.

Missionaries Adding Value To The Marketplace

Jim Rohn said we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. I have found that career missionaries sometimes feel as though they are lacking in certain skill sets required to launching a career or adding value marketplace. I believe that nothing could further from the truth, and that the positive benefits of being raised as a missionary and participating in missionary activity, far outweighed any negative.

Animal Souls And Religion

Soul refers to that essence or life force in a living entity. In many early cultures, there was no distinction between human animals and non-human animals or trees, rivers, plants, mountains, or the heavenly bodies. All things were alive. The Ancient Egyptians called this life force Ka. As mankind has become more technologically based, his belief in a living natural world has given way to systematized religious dogmas. Somewhere along the way, a good deal of his spirituality has been lost or given up, replaced with an unquestioning belief in science-a science that provides answers.

The Old Made New

I have recently finished a book which I thoroughly enjoyed. “Roots of Home: Our Journey to a New Old House” by Russell Versaci traces Old World roots of housing in America. There are some similarities between these new old houses and Christians.

Ideas for Christian Service

When Jesus washed his disciple’s feet he set the bar high for Christian service. Palestine was a dusty place, and washing the dirty, calloused feet of twelve burly men was probably not a very pleasant way for Christ to spend one of his last days on Earth.

Mentoring the Youth

You can pick just about any neighborhood, village, town, or city in the world and find young people that are looking for some attention. Society has change in the last century with the advancements in technology, and a weakening of the family unit. One of the bi products is that young people do not have the mentors previous generations of young people had.

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