Revival in Tanzania!

Yes Virginia There Is a Christmas Tree

A letter is sent to a little girl who has been told by some friends that having a Christmas Tree in her home was wrong. The writer attempts to explain that there is nothing wrong with having a tree if one has the right motives.

God Gives You Encouragement Just When You Need It!

Dear Friend, Let me ask you, are you disappointed with your life right now?  Do you sometimes feel beat up?

Enjoying the Abundance of Blessing

Having met a special mentor recently, reflecting over both our respective years, I was given a precious piece of advice: enjoy the blessing. It was one of those pieces of advice that causes you to reflect quite deeply; it’s a piece of advice that has many nuances of significant meaning. Advice like this can define an entire season.

What Kind of Fruit Do You Produce?

Good trees produce good fruit, just as bad trees produce bad fruit. We all are known by our character and how we act and respond to others. Good fruit is leading others in the right direction all the time and from that leading positive results follow.

Who Knows Why Jesus Came?

Many are still curious about Jesus. They have heard different things, and still the question seems to nag, ‘Just why did he come, what was the point – and am I somehow involved?’ Where ever you are in the far flung nations of the world, in crowded cities or remote villages, on whichever continent you may live – are you yearning, longing wistfully to find the answers about Jesus?

Religion or God

People trying to come to terms with the Connecticut tragedy are fighting to understand why? Parents have lost children at what should be a sacred time of the year in several faiths but instead they are mourning the loss of innocent little lives. There are answers as to why if they could but hear them

How Personal Tests Help Us to Grow

No one likes to go through difficult, personal trials. But in this article, the author explains how God can, and oftentimes does, use trying times in our life to help us to grow spiritually.

When Injustice Demands a Response

Every now and then God calls us to stand up and be counted – to fight an injustice against others. We can use ourselves as ‘the reason’ we are standing up, so as to shield those being harassed, but, we should know, once the stand’s been taken, the ball’s in play, and there is no backing off.

Psalm 37 – Commit Your Way to the LORD

The solemn subtleties of obedience have about them both a promise and a joy. When we align ourselves with the agenda of God, we find ourselves happy and content as well as prepared to be blessed. And though that time may tarry, blessing will most certainly be ours as we commit our way to the LORD.

Satan Does Not Have Dominion Over Christians

If it is ever a time for a Christian to take his or her rightful place it is right now. I recently heard that it is more sinners in the world now than ever before so that would mean that the devil is in full gear but his ultimate goal is aimed at church to destroy it. He know who is not saved and he will check in on them every now and then just to keep them in check but he wants to draw us away from God by hindering our prayers or causing havoc in our lives so that we would lose faith in God; but he has no right to dominate our life.

Isaiah 9 – A Child Is Born

Great hope is foreshadowed in these seven short and sweet verses of Isaiah 9:1-7. What had gone before was now no longer, as the prophecy of the Prophet of Israel swung through the canopy of judgment unto glorious salvation for all who would believe.

Walk Of Faith: Knowing That God Is Not Angry With Us

There are many Christians who are thinking that God is angry at them because of what they have done; they think that their prayers will not get answered because of it. They have condemned themselves but the truth is; God is not angry at any of us.

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