Revival in the Netherlands Day 2 Highlights

Personal Growth Through Faith – Be Imitators of God

Is it really possible to imitate God? How can lowly mortals come anywhere close to comparing themselves to an immortal, eternal, divine being? This is the magnificence of our faith. The lowliest human on the planet has in him enough of the divine spirit to be able to imitate the glory of the Father. He who created us, also left us with a particle of faith which can be nurtured and expanded far enough to take us to the heights of saved glory.

Why We Celebrate Palm Sunday

I have never quite understood the celebration of Palm Sunday. After all, weren’t many of the people worshipping Jesus on Palm Sunday the same ones calling for his death a week later? Wasn’t the whole premise of their worship based on a distorted view of the message of Jesus?

How the Resurrection Makes Us One With God, The World, and All Humanity

2000 years ago, the resurrection changed everything about the way Christians see God, death, life, and redemption. It also changed the world; it changed the course and direction of the world-from death to life. Somehow, it also changed the way that we interact with humanity and the world-through the lens of the kingdom of God.

Shamanism is Not a Religion

As a practice, shamanism predates organized religions. Shamans commune with the spiritual world. Shamanism is not a cult.

Merchants of Oil For the Midnight Cry

When The Lord sent me to Dominican Republic in June 2006, I was sure I was going to setup a Ministry, plant a church, be a Good pastor and live happily ever after, but what you think and what God think, are usually two different things; and if you want to be in obedience your game plan will have to yield to the will of God. Instead He set me up on a R and D exercise; He sent me jumping every week, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week, through the country, visiting different churches, meeting pastors, preaching, or…

Emerging Ourselves in the Death of Jesus This Season

We love focusing on life and resurrection, but it is naturally painful for us to focus on death, agony, and seeming defeat. This time of year, whatever term you may call it by, was made for that purpose though.

Check Your Mind at the Door

How much should the human mind have to do with figuring out the purposes of God? Can we trust our feeble brains?

Personal Growth Through Faith – Understanding the Will of God

To understand the will of God is like switching on a light in darkened room. When we plan for the future and do so without consulting God we make our plans in the dark. These will invariably come to an unfavourable end. By asking God to bless us every step of the way, we hand over our problems to him and seek his guiding light and protection. But how does this happen?

When We Become the Eucharist

Anyone who has spent any time in the church is familiar with the Eucharist or communion. In Christianity, we take the bread and wine because of the deep, powerful significance Christ put on it right before his death and resurrection.

Tips and Ideas to Help Your Children Become Interested in God

Most parents struggle with trying to build an interest in God in their children without ramming God down their throats. We try many things, certainly, but competing with things like TV, Nintendo, theme parks, sports, and even toys is often an uphill battle. Here are some suggestions that may make things easier.

Philosophy of Taoism

This is the case in life, the purpose and belief by which you live, will determine the quality of life that you will have. Taoism is about a ‘path’ in life, it provides a purpose for life and the principles that would guide the believer. Below is summary of the principles that guide Taoism.

The Fall of Man – Part 2 – In the Garden – The Man

It is before the woman was created that the Lord God gave Adam the commandment not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The Lord God did not expect great feats out of Adam, but he did expect simple obedience, just as he expects obedience from his servants today.

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