Revival in the Park 02/20/22

The Scroll of Revelation, 39 (Final) – Final Warnings and Exhortations

He shall come. He really shall come. We have misunderstood many details through the years. But we must make no mistake about His coming, as our eternity depends on it.

The Scroll of Revelation, 34 – The Millennium and Beyond

Horror is coming, yes, but only for a short time. Unimaginable bliss follows for those who have been faithful to Jesus.

The Scroll of Revelation, 33 – The Return of Jesus

What a different Jesus will split the skies one day. Gentle Jesus meek and mild no more. Rather, the judge of all the earth. The Warrior, mighty in battle. Not to know Jesus Christ at that time is to court disaster.

What Is the Conscience? How to Deal With Guilty Conscience As Christian?

What is conscience? How do we deal with guilty conscience as Christians? Can our conscience be over-sensitive? Or can it be damaged?

The Terms of Communion Are Not Infallible: Doctrines Are the Church’s Deductions From Scripture

We are constrained to roll off the odium attached to a claim of infallibility; and show the reader to whom this fearful error belongs, praying that he who originated it, may be brought to renounce the error and repent of former rashness. We should reflect that a real disciple may, for a time, resist the truth – fundamental truth in the plan of redemption, while his heart is biased by a clouded intellect, Matt. 16:21-23.

Darwin’s Double-Dip Deception

How the over-zealous reaction of young-earth creationists to evolution has resulted in a foisting a second massive deception on the world, namely the rejection of science. So that once again the Bible has been brought into scientific disrepute and Christians are regarded as superstitious peasants by the scientific establishment.

A Different Kind of War!

Evil was not made for man nor was man made for evil, yet the falling of man in the Garden of Eden, has brought a once pure creation to the level of corruptibility in which it finds itself today. The Devil caused the demise of man, whoever, our Lord Jesus Christ put an end to the reign of sin by His sacrifice on the cross.

Why Is There This Increasing Persecution Of Christians In So Many Nations Around The World?

In these present days believers in Jesus Christ are being severely and sorely persecuted, and this is a reality which I find so difficult to accept and understand. One the things Almighty God said when he spoke to Abraham in these very early days was that all peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring.

House on the Corner – Christians Helping Our Communities

Christians do more than just talk about loving our neighbors. Christians all over the country and the world are doing good in our communities, helping people who have a difficult time helping themselves. I’ve witnessed firsthand a Christian ministry doing good in the underprivileged Douglas Community on the east side of Plano, Texas. The Christ United Methodist Church in Plano started a ministry in 2004 called “House on the Corner”.

The Scroll of Revelation, 36 – The New Heavens and the New Earth, Part 1

Most Biblical predictive prophecy is about the coming Kingdom. It is the Kingdom for which we are being prepared even now. But for 1000 years, during the Kingdom, we will be prepared for the next step, a new Heaven and Earth. What thrills in our future!

The Scroll of Revelation, 35 – The White Throne Judgment

Christians will be judged by their personal Lord in a personal judgment. Details are scarce but the event is sure. The judgment will have to do with rewards and demerits, not heaven and hell. Hell’s residents are announced at the White Throne judgment, here described.

Study Prayerfully The Old Testament Book Of Daniel And Receive All That Jesus Christ Has For You!

How near are we to the time of the end? Be prepared and ready with oil in your lamp and your life committed to Jesus Christ the Saviour and Lord. We never know how near we are to that day when Jesus Christ comes again! But in my recent reading and study of the book of Daniel there are certain signs which point to this reality. Just as Jesus Christ came the first time to everyone’s total surprise many will be taken by total surprise when Jesus reappears and comes again to put right everything that was wrong! Since 1965, I have had the privilege of travelling all around the world preaching and teaching at Pastors and Leaders Seminars and speaking at Conferences and business men’s meetings. This could not have been done previously and held down a post in Scotland too. The wise will seek to be obedient to Jesus and His Word and it has nothing to do with I.Q. It has nothing to do with being clever. It has to do with the desire to change and be changed and to be changing constantly into the likeness of Jesus.

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