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Home Church Teaching on Forgiving Yourself

Home church can teach you to forgive yourself. We go around with the guilt and hurt of our own follies and sins. When God forgives you are clean and set free. It is time you realized that and forgive you and get free from your own self pity.

Hem of His Garment – Do You Really Need to Have Faith?

There are many stories in the bible that talks about people being healed. One particular passage talks about a woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was made whole. Was it the garment that made her whole? Or was it her faith? In Matthew 9: 20-22 the Lord declared that it was her faith that had made her whole.

Saint Frances of Rome and Purgatory

The Angel brought Frances to the lowest level of Purgatory, to a a cavern filled with a roaring fire, its red-hot flames cutting through the black smoke that darkened the cave. But as horrible as it was, Frances said it was not as hot as in Hell.

Assurance of Salvation For Christians

One huge point to stress is that for every religious person there is the need for introspection, a willing intention for one to continually examine and re-examine oneself in relation to one’s confessed faith. Indeed, every self-professed Christian should constantly ensure that he/she is still in tune with the faith, ‘… examine yourself, whether you be in faith, prove your own selves…’

The Philosophy of Prayer – To Pray is to Project Positive Thought

Many of us in life’s ways learn of prayer when very young; we learn it from parents, from school and Sunday school as it is called, or by many more and varied means. We know because we were instructed to know that it is a form of asking our God to keep those that we love safe from the hazards of this life and the one promised.

Why Does God Ask the Wife to Submit to Her Husband?

If there is a verse in the Bible that the modern woman – and even society – gets all bent out of shape about, it is Ephesians 5:22. But why? Scriptures teach that a woman is to be uplifted and revered.

The Price Has Already Been Paid

Too many Christians are trying very hard to become righteous in God’s eyes. Many do penance to try and pay for their sins, while the Bible declares that Jesus Christ paid the price for all sins. If he paid the price for all sins, then what price is there left to pay?

Shrove Pancakes in Great Britain

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. In the Christian world, it is a period of prayer, penitence, forgiveness and sacrifice. During this time, a lot of foods are forbidden to be eaten.

Home Church is Where There is No Leader

Paul writes to the people gathered in each city in a home. He addresses major letters not to any individual leaders in those groups. He was not addressing any church leader. Today we have the pyramid leadership model in every denomination. Where did we get this concept?

The Basics of Buddhism

Buddhism is fast becoming a popular religion, even among Americans. It is attractive to people who prefer a secular world view, but who also want some spiritual guidance for their lives.

Clowning in Church in Great Britain

In church, the parishioners are sure to be serious and subdued. The business of communicating with God is a very sober thing. There will be singing, and there will be preaching.

Home Church is Vital to Teach That Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

Home church will teach that obedience is better than sacrifice. Churches and ministries have used the concept of sacrifice for offering and tithes. Giving is one of the known ways to raise funds for ministries. They have also used the sacrificial element for people to give more and a more to ministries.

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