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Grace And The Telescope of 598

Indeed we are all so demanding of truth that we do not even know that truth that is not spoken in love is only a half truth no matter how accurate the facts. We will find that when grace is present and it is necessary to correct a brother or sister it will be accomplished through the telescope of mercy and grace, through brokenness of heart and through a veil of tears.

Parents, Teach Your Children

The main responsibility for spiritually training our children lies with the parents and not the church. In this article, the writer shares some of the benefits of Bible training in the home.

Bars of Iron and Religious Entrapment

The power of religion is based on two main components that act like strings to pull people into line. They are heaven and hell and their influence over people who believe in them is such that the jail they find themselves in is comprised of bars of iron. Escape is almost impossible as they give willingly to make their entrapment ever stronger.

Israel – The People of God

Israel is not a country but a nation of spiritual people who are largely hidden from view. They have power with God and knowledge that protects them from harm and leads them from danger. They would rarely, if ever, darken a church door or enter a temple or mosque. They are the places of the dead in spirit.

The Religion of Emperor Claudius Constantine

Emperor Claudius Constantine is still in control of most of the world through the religion and the belief system he put in place. He also governs parliaments and rules with an iron hand behind the scene of churches, terrorism, overpopulation, money matters and so on. He is the man numbered 666 in the bible.

Spirit Prophecies and the Dark Mountains

Religions largely oppose the Spirit as it is not visible like a church or religious organizations. The latter want evidence so they make it up with false images of so called prophets, saints and stuff because people believe what they see rather than what they feel.

Jerome and the New Testament Authors

While the world suffers under the pressure of overpopulation and shortages of resources religions, like the Catholic Church, are promoting ideas that people should have more children. With full memory of my reincarnation and knowledge from research of the falsehoods in the New Testament and other religious documents the facts must be exposed.

How Satanic Genius Goes To Deceive Man From God’s Path?

Satan and his hands are struggling most to disengage man from God’s Path by turning religion into mere fancied disengage man from God by turning religion into mere fancied customs and chauvinism of the different sects. The modern learning is teeming with skepticism about verity of God’s Revelation in religion and validity of religious wisdom – and guise of irreligious syncretism and conceptual schemes of ‘ism’ ranging from rationalism to existentialism clutter the modern thought and prevent understanding of the ‘perennial truths’ by which humanity has to go on living.

The Mercy of God Is Kind, Easy-Going and Full of Favor

The mercy of God is a popular subject taught by numerous Pastors and Bible Teachers from the past and those in the present. That is because this subject will always be appropriate.

Born Shinto, Married Christian, Buried Buddhists: Religions of Japan

Where else would you find someone who is born within one religion, marries under entirely different customs, and dies as a member of a third religion? Although Shinto is Japan’s indigenous religion (or, more precisely, spirituality), with most births registered with Shinto shrines, the population follows Buddhist and Christian practices as well. Japan is a role model for tolerance in our increasingly polarized world.

The Secret for a Happy Life and How Astrology Helps in Achieving It

Happiness can be achieved by good deeds and guilt free conscious. We all want to achieve happiness and try our best in many ways. Astrology can help us in understanding our qualities and get peace of mind and happiness which we yearn for.

New Pope Brings Apocalypse, But Where Does the Rapture Fit?

Speculation about the next pope is rampant. Speculation about the rapture has also been extensive. This article addresses both issues.

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