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You Need God’s Stain Remover

You must be transformed back to the original way that God had intended you to be. Why? It’s because the world knocks you about in life and stains you with its ways. And its ways are usually destructive. Find out about God’s permanent stain remover.

What Makes Wholesale Flowers So Special?

From bouquets to party decorations, from marriages to memorials, wholesale flowers are used on several occasions. Using fresh flowers on special occasions can bring in the joy and fill the atmosphere with a fragrance of freshness.

Getting the Best From Pastoral Counselling

Counelling their church members and others who may come to them is part and parcel of every minister’s working life. Differentiating between the needs of the parish and parishioner may conflict with the views of society at large.of how counselling should be conducted. We explain the different basis of pastoral counselling and professional work as understood by the British Association for Counelling and Psychotherapy.

Taking Daily Steps to the Cross

The final frontier in Christian faith is not theology, nor works, nor knowledge. It is salvation. To be saved is a heart transformation, which transforms our thinking. We know we are saved by the Holy Spirit’s conviction to get us to repent – to take the step, every day, to the cross; to where we surrender our sin and receive fresh portions of God’s redeeming grace.

Brokennes Is TheKey to Finding Your Everything

If we are honest, we know that sorrow and suffering are inevitable parts of life. Loved ones die. Dreams crumble. We lose things we love. Eventually, everything we hold dear will slip through our fingers.

Love – The Hub of Life

Love’s core is truth. Love is not a lie. Love has no falsity about it. Love cannot be ‘lovely’ if it cannot be tough as well. Love must encompass all that is truth if it is to be real. And there is nothing more real than love, for God is love.

Recovering The Gospel Of God’s Grace

This is close to my central passion – recovering what has either been lost or simply missed in the gospel and then making it clearly and widely known. Oftentimes the gospel gets cluttered with a lot of baggage and dismissed by preconceived ideas. In this article I aim to share a summary of the central message, the climax of the ages; the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The Balance Beam of Giving – Getting the Balance Right

A good common test of our faith is how we give to God. That is, how well we align our lives to the agenda of God so far as it is that we live for God. And living this way is so much about giving. Two ways we obey God by giving is what we give others and what we give ourselves – what we do to contribute to others’ lives, and what we do to invest in our own.

Christmas the Religious Day Observed By Both Christians and Non-Christians

Christmas day is the most important day for the Christian calendar. That is the day when Jesus Christ was born 2012 years ago. Either in the end of December or in the first week of January every Christian commemorates the day by having festivities and by participating in midnight prayers.

The Truth About America: Has The Glory Departed?

Why are there so many false prophets? Why do so many embrace lies rather than truth? Why is the modern American church becoming so powerless? I must ask a dreadful question. Has the glory departed?

How We Walk With God

We know God is a Spirit because the Bible says so. But in several places, the Bible talks about men who walked with God. How can this be since we can’t see God? In this article, the writer explains how you can walk with the invisible God.

Universalism and Paul: Mercy on All

The word “all” trips many up in Paul’s writings. God has mercy on all who call upon Him, but not on all humans who ever lived.

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