Revival in the park

Let Love Be Sincere

Love is our vocation, Love is our life, When love’s our preoccupation, We’re kept out of strife. When love consumes us, And sincerity’s our way, All that is not love, Cannot therefore stay.

There Is A Giant Inside Of Us

First John 4:3-4 reads, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of the Anti-Christ which you have heard was coming and is now already in the world. You are of God, little children and have overcome them because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world; that sounds like a giant to me.

Why We Need to Pray

We pray because we don’t know how to best handle many of life’s uncertainties. Prayer helps us stop long enough to consider the consequences of our actions. With prayer we get more of our lives right. Prayer helps us express humility and grow in wisdom.

Top 10 Myths About Islam

Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the World. There are widespread misconceptions and myths about Islam. Spread especially because of the media. Here is a list of the top ten myths about Islam spread especially in the social media.

Gracefully Embrace The Changes In Your Life

I use to dread changes because it was the fear of the unknown. I was comfortable with the way that things were so if there were even a hint of a change; dread would come upon me.

The Nations, Israel and Christ

Is there a bigger picture than Israel, than the Church? Have the promises given to Abraham been fulfilled? There was a much bigger picture than Israel, namely the nations. God declares in Isaiah 49:6 that it was too small a thing for His servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and restore the preserved of Israel, but He would also make Him a light of the nations so that Gods salvation would go to the end of the earth.

Universalism – The People God Saw: Us

God’s promises are for believers. The whole Bible is written to believers. It’s about “we” and “us”. But there is another group of people in the world. These two groups will continue.

Aleister Crowley: Reflection on the Pioneer of Magick

Aleister Crowley will live forever and his words will be shared for all eternity; which is something he could only dream of in his time. He was a pioneer, a trailblazing searcher who opened the door of magick to reveal the secrets that had not been, until his time, even whispered in the confines of a closet. Aleister opened the doors and swung them wide for all followers of the occult to rush through in pursuit of their magical attainment.

Is Jesus Christ God?

Jesus can not be God because if he is God, how could he die for our sins, when God is Eternal? Jesus never claimed divinity and taught Monotheism. Jesus was not perfect according to the Bible as God is supposed to be. Actions and words of Jesus Christ, mentioned in the Bible, contradict any suggestion of divinity. Jesus Christ, himself worshiped Almighty God.

Universalism and Paul: Universal Condemnation

If ever there was a universalism in the Bible, it is universal condemnation. Enter with me the book of Romans, and I’ll show you what I mean.

Why Are They Changing?

There has been a growing tide of speculation that the denominational church is experiencing an exodus of its members to independent ministries, and in some cases to leave the faith altogether. When one looks at the vacancy signs on the pews…

Nurturing the Spiritual Gift of Faith

Faith requires us to act. But we cannot act unless we have a vision for what God wants us to do. Vision is hope which propels faith. When we have a vision, we have hope, and our faith becomes action. Then God is pleased. God wants us to have a vision of how we will help others.

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