Miracle Healing in Christian Faith


Miracle Healing in Christian Faith

The 19th century was an exciting time for Protestants as revivals and missionaries spread across the world. Many people reported experiencing a “new birth,” which brought forgiveness for sin and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This infusion provided freedom from the pollution and power of sin. Many also reported freedom from sickness.

The Bible defines a human being as having both a body and a soul. Jesus came to save the soul, not just the body. The gospels record the healings of people with physical ailments, but only 20 to 11% of Jesus’ public ministry is dedicated to these miracles. Christians took these notions and incorporated them into their belief system.

Christians have also used healing sacraments to help those who have been afflicted by sickness. The Catechism teaches that Jesus himself touched the sick during his ministry. These sacraments continue to heal because Jesus Christ is present in them. One such sacrament is the Eucharist, which is the bread of eternal life.

The church also recognizes that the elders of the church have the right to pray and anoint the sick. This practice is the origin of the sacrament of anointing the sick. The Bible states that when the priest’s faith-filled prayer is answered, the sick person will be saved.

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