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Big Issues of Life

Human life is filled with issues. But the issues pertaining to our spiritual life are of much importance; as it decides our present life as well determines our eternal future. But the problem is most of the time we are not aware of “What are our Spiritual issues?” Lets see what questions arise and where we can find the answers.

Research on Prayer As a Healing Method

To date, millions of dollars have been spent by governments and private organizations on using prayer as an effective method of healing. Discover what researchers have found and why this controversial study continues.

A Prayer Asking God to Be Used on Earth Like a Modern Prophet

Dear Father of lights: I am known by you very well. In the Bible, it says that I have been known by you, before the world was even created, and I was known also as I was formed in my mother’s womb.

Daniel – Reflections of His Life and Prophetic Ministry

The life and times and legacy of significant people in history cause us to pause, ponder, reflect. This is an expose of the life of 7th and 6th Century B.C.E. Old Testament prophet, Daniel, and what his life and prophesy means for us today.

Jesus is Not an Icon For Instilling Guilt, Shame Or Fear in Anyone

This article reveals some of the misinterpretations unwittingly passed down generation after generation causing a child to diminish his or her self worth. The conversation can open a few locks to greater fulfillment in life as any ball and chain you untie yourself from will be of great benefit.

Living the “Afflicted” Life

Reading the theology of the fathers of the church is an incredibly deep and complex process, truly giving us the picture of the profundity of God. In the quote above we gain a glimpse of the life for the saved person, the Christian. Even though we are no longer condemned in any eternal sense, through Christ, we still must endure the condemnable life here on earth.

Why Your Parish Should Invest in New Vestments!

Church Vestments are sacred items, with the specific role of being ‘Sacramentals’ conveying Grace. There are different colours for the different Liturgical Seasons – white, red, green, purple, black, and for two days of the year Rose. Gold replaces white on great Feast Days and when there is no other alternative.

True Divinity Or Fat Headed Ego Maniac?

Salvation of the earth through social and political means requires that some elite rise to the top in order to lead the general population in the way that they should go. Many of these leaders are totally lacking in humility. They see themselves as social engineers. They envision a world that runs more smoothly, efficiently, and even perfectly, when everyone follows their new pattern of conduct. They listen to the masses crying out for salvation from earthly problems, and see themselves as ‘one’ who is able to solve the problems and save the world. In their vanity, these leaders begin to see themselves as ‘divine’. They love the adoration of the population that grants them messianic powers. Such people have been with the world for ages. Worship of leaders was seen in Egypt and Rome. It was seen more recently in Nazi Germany and Japan. Truthfully, these people are not divine. They just have a colossal case of ‘the fat head’. That means their egos have run ammock.

All About Angels – The Good and Bad of it All – The True Story of the Brotherhood of Angels

Do Angels really exist? If so, do they influence your life? What do they look like that and is there a way to see them? Or are Angels just a quaint store-manufactured product made to flood the market with cherub-faced dolls with wings? These are very real questions you need to know – because if you believe in Angels, it opens up a whole new world of more questions needing to be answered about God, about the different kinds of Angels, and what effect Angels have on our lives today.

A Well of Water – The Temporal and the Eternal

We have seen in our natural lives, that this body is very demanding. It desires and is in need of maintenance each and every day. The natural body is what is called temporal. A temporal item is measured or limited by time, or by this life, or this state of things; having limited existence; opposed to eternal.

Thirsting For Righteousness

Are you ready for spring? It may still be winter but there have been a few touches of the warmth that’s coming, and there will be more in the next few weeks. And soon enough the summer is going to lay his hands on you. But with the summer is coming Baptism and…thirst.

Why Have We Forgotten God?

Spring is seen as a time of growth and renewal of life, and the cycle of life once again starting. And in some cases, it can be a symbol of the start of better times. We as a nation and even the world, are going through tough times. When this nation was founded, it was founded on Christian values and principles. We turned to God for everything. So why have we forgotten God?

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