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Using Angel Guided Meditations to Help You Connect to The Angelic Realm – Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the stages you go through when meditating to connect to the angelic realm, the right posture and making visualisation easy. To access Part 1, you may need to copy and paste the title of this article and replace Part 1 for Part 2, and paste it into a search query. In this Part 2, we look at breathing techniques and how to monitor your progress, to keep motivated till you connect you to the angelic realm.

Oneness in Differences

Because we are different from another, we look at others from our own perspectives. We say others are different because they are not like our own selves. The truth is, God created us in uniqueness.

Learning Christ

“Ye Are Dead And Your Life Is Hid With Christ In God.” Colossians 3:3 – Those who will learn Christ will lay down self, first. God is not going to increase in me unless I am willing to become smaller – to lay down and die the death.

The Spiritual Law of Sowing and Reaping

In the beginning, God created the seed in living things giving them the mysterious power to reproduce themselves. Seeds are mysterious things. They have a plan and life hidden deep within them. They are small but are the reason for all that we see. It is important to understand the way seeds work because they contain the miracle power of growth and reproduction.

An Adult Has A Right To Undo A Ritual Imposed During Infancy: Consider Having Yourself De-Baptized

For tens of millions of Americans who are not religious, there is value in “coming out” and politely letting others know that religion does not play a positive role. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher and other freethinkers take this position. Why continue to consent to social conventions that have no relevance? One practice that seems to nearly all freethinkers as primitive is baptism. If you are a believer in one form of Christianity or another, this is no problem, but why go along if you have discarded superstitions? You may wan to undo a baptism. Consider what baptism represents: That an infant must be cleansed of a stain the church calls “original” sin – and only the baptism ritual can do the trick. Imagine that – a newborn already requiring forgiveness from God. “What is the babe’s offense?” you ask? Being human, I suppose. The new human is held partly responsible for a creationist character that ate an apple that a snake advertised – thousands of years ago. This essay describes what you can do about having been baptized – get unbaptized!

Audio Bible: Effective To Everyone

Bible is one of the most used holy book. Every christian should read this book. Who are unable to read this, can carry audio bible to listen the holy words of god.

End of the World Countdown: Brace Yourself, a Great “Falling Away” in the Christian World Is Coming

The countdown to the end of the world in 2 Thessalonians 2 is more serious than we think. If you are fairly familiar with this Bible passage you will recall that it is a prophecy about the coming ‘man of sin’, a.k.a the Antichrist, whose coming is regarded as a necessary antecedent to the Second Coming of Christ. This epistle of Paul was intended to address doctrinal uncertainties concerning the Second Advent that threatened to destabilize the Thessalonians church. In his attempt to settle the matter of what events are to precede Christ’s return, the apostle thus declared:

Misconstrued Christianity At War With African Culture: The Battle Over African Names

Peoples of the world campaign for the global acceptance of their cultures, apparently with the exception of the Africans. Indeed, whereas the other races are beginning to appreciate Africa’s cultural elements and artifacts, we are increasingly shunning and destroying them. This edition of my series is on the shunning of the African languages and names by Christians in Nigeria, West Africa.

The Real History Of Baptisms

The history of baptisms dates back to times even before the birth of Jesus Christ. This is interesting as there are many people that believe that this only stated when John The Baptist arrived on earth to pave the way for Jesus Christ to come and save humanity. In truth, long before this, people were being dipped in water for the purposes of joining a cult.

Tips On How To Plan For A Christening

If you are a parent then there will come a time when you will want to christen your child. Just about everyone will christen their child at a very young age. When you do decide that it is time to plan on the christening, then you should understand that this is a special moment so you want to be well prepared.

What Is on a Passover Seder Plate and a Passover Meal Plan?

During the Passover holiday, Jewish families and friends gather for a Seder meal to celebrate the freedom of the Hebrews from slavery to the Pharaoh of Egypt. The Seder is conducted in a certain order, using six symbolic items placed on a Seder plate.

The Cycle of Rebirth

We tend to think that youth turns the world’s wheel – that it makes things happen, sets the agenda – while age controls, fossilizes and limits. This is to ignore the fact that when everything’s been done that can be done, all experience gained, the self is still there, listening, wondering. It’s beyond the question ‘why’ – it sits, as it were, like an old man at the edge of the world, humming his song beneath a lemon sky. In other words, the self is neither old not young but – eventually – takes up a position on the outer rim of experience in hope and expectation of something greater than age and youth…

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