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Which Christ Are You Following? Part 3

A simple, measurable challenge is thrown out to people claiming to be followers of Christ to determine to what extent they really are following the Jesus of the Bible. Test yourself and see how you fare. This is part three in a series of four articles sent out anonymously to hundreds of professing Christians on the Internet.

Which Christ Are You Following? Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles that I sent out anonymously to hundreds of people on the Internet, to get their reactions. Each subsequent article deals with reactions received from the ones that went before. They have to do with gauging where our loyalty is as Christians.

Responding to Persecution Right

Are you in a place where people are persecuting you for your stand or faith or what you have been saying? Have you got people giving you a hard time and making you upset with what they are saying? Experience has taught me that you should just press on and continue doing what you are doing and not bother to reply to them.

False Christs

If we really are living in the last days, then this warning from Jesus must apply to something that is happening in the world today; and we need to give serious thought to the implications of it. It is true that, from time to time some new “messiah” appears and claims to be Jesus. But for the most part, these kooks don’t fool many of us.

We Should Be Encouraging Each Other, Not Pulling Each Other Down

Sadly the Christian faith is full of humans and humans are debased creatures always having more joy in pulling down then building up. If all the faiths in the world disappeared besides Christians I am sure Christians would still be fighting. But this should not be so.

Principles of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ – Eternal Judgment – Determining Your Eternal Destiny

When I was a young man I liked to drive fast. I raced everywhere. I had one major problem.

Afterlife Beliefs in Various Ancient Cultures

Death is a fact of life that no one can escape from immaterial of the culture, religion or race. If we are born, we are bound to die. This is a fact that all cultures accept, but the beliefs of various cultures about what happens after a person dies differs.

Religion – A Career Prospect

How should the word religion be defined? Most of the people have their own personal definition which is for them the right one, to the exclusion of all others. Some people give a very narrow definition which matches with their own individual’s religion. Like in ‘Tom Jones”, a novel written by Henry Fielding where he has one character: “By religion I mean Christianity, by Christianity I mean Protestantism, by Protestantism I mean the Church of England as established by law.” For some people, the definition of religion require a belief in the God or Goddess or combination of both who are responsible for the creation of the universe and for its ongoing operation.

Putting Meaning and Spirit Into Memorial Day Observance

It’s important not to celebrate Memorial Day but rather to observe it, remembering the fact that others sacrificed their lives for our freedom. This article offers ways to do so in a meaningful and spiritual manner.

Christian T-Shirts, The Silent Testimony

Do you find it difficult to share your Faith? If so, read on…

Discussing God

I regret that people feel angry when they hear another persons point of view, about God or religion. It is certainly not my intention to do so. I would ask you to consider this point of view however; People only get angry if they feel threatened of losing something.

Does Satan Tempt Us?

This Article is about whether or not Satan can tempt us. The answer is yes. He has the ability to tempt us but He doesn’t have the Power or Authority to do it. He uses Persuasion to tempt, not Power.

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