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How the Mayan Calendar Works

Although it has been considered as a forgotten method and reference in counting seasons and days during the ancient period, the Mayan Calendar has started to be the focus of attention for doomsday conspiracy and theorists for the past decade. This is because of the Mayan calendar end of the world prophecies that is said to unfold on December, 2012, causing worldwide fear, curiosity and fascination.

How Do We Know a Man That Loves God?

It is very difficult to know a man that loves God; especially nowadays that religion has become a tag rather than a way of expressing an intimate relationship with the heavenly father. This has made it much harder to understand when people proclaim the name of the lord with the tip of their tongues, but they are far from him in their hearts.

How To Worship in the Midst of War

Are You facing battles all around your life. As one man of God always says Praise your way out of battles. So how do you worship in the midst of battles.

Christian Leaders Move to Technology

Defining strategy for Christian leadership becomes more challenging as the economy goes south. As attendance and volunteers drop in some cases plummet, donations follow in record numbers. This sad reality is what a lot of Christian organizations are starting see on a weekly basis. As we look forward is technology the answer?

Praise and Worship Professional Rivalry

Professional rivalry is a curse in the Christian church, and it is an extension of the pride poison we talked about earlier. Professional rivalry occurs when a musician or singer becomes envious of another musician or singer because of their ability, or their perceived success, either of which is greater than the person’s own ability or success. If we call it what it really is, professional rivalry is simply jealousy, and it has no place in Christian ministry.

Belief Should Always Go Before Baptism, Or Why Baptize Infants? The Presbyterian View Defended

“It is objected. Belief should always go before Baptism. Does not the Evangelist Mark say: ‘He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved.’? (Mark xvi. 16.) Infants cannot believe; therefore they ought not to be baptized.”

Finding Inner Peace Through God

Just when we think we have life figured out it knocks us down. We are always recovering from unexpected events. Our decisions go sour, we have a car accident, or it breaks down. We have medical bills we had not counted on. One day we are on top of the world, and at another, we are down in the dumps. To keep our sanity we need a stabilizing force in our life. God is our refuge. He is always the same. His nature is love and he is the author of peace. Let him direct your life.

A Conversation With God – Can We Have a Conversation With God?

So many Christians wonder where God is at, or if He is even listening to them at all, but I can assure you on the authority of God’s Word that God is listening when you speak to Him and that He wants to come to your aid. Join us as we uncover the truth to having a conversation with God.

Pray For Lyrics – Affirming the Love For Jesus in Your Prayer Lyrics

It may sound strange, but there are people who find it difficult to accept and love themselves, hence they carry this burden all their lives, without knowing how to let go, so as to move on. The fact is that in order to be able to love anybody else or anything else with all our hearts, the love has to start from ourselves, from deep within.

Let Nothing Be Wasted

Why would Jesus produce miraculously enough food to satisfy 5,000 people, then worry over wasted crumbs? Is there a lesson for us?

Locate a Beautiful Funeral Program Quickly

When a loved one passes away, having a beautiful funeral program for them is a great way to commemorate their life and celebrate their accomplishments. However, when a loved one passes away there is only little time to tend to the details of funeral planning and funeral program.

Why is the Persecution of Christian Believers Increasing at Such an Alarming Pace Across the World?

Persecution of Christians across our world has been increasing at an alarming rate. Why is this happening? Why do people want to oppose and attack and torture and persecute those who have met the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ and who know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord? Normally those who believe in Jesus Christ wish to serve and minister to people with the love of God and to do so as graciously and meaningfully as they know how. B

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