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Trials and Tribulations Overcome

Faith sometimes is hard to find in these troublesome times, for it is by faith we as Christians walk. The days are evil and nations are perplexed, fighting against each other for advantage, power and prominence.

Listen to Ethiopian Spiritual Songs to Build Your Faith

Those are the songs I listen to when I am sad, happy, or just looking for more spiritual fulfillment. Usually, listening to one or two of them does the job, and I am back and ready to tackle my personal issues and problems. I love listening to Gospel songs.

Greed And Envy Damage Families: A Look At Jacob

Every family has experienced some level of sibling rivalry, but these Esau and Jacob are the poster children. In the womb, these boys could not get along. In life, the fighting continued. Genesis 25:31-34 show us how dangerous greed and envy can be.

Are You Headed for a Celebration of Life?

Do you think your funeral will be a celebration of the life you led and the expectation of eternity with your Father God and Brother Jesus or the hopelessness of an eternity spent with Satan and his demons? “If people who don’t know Jesus want to know the difference Jesus makes, let them come to our (Christian) funerals.”

God’s Replacement Theology: Replacing the Church With Israel

It is surprisingly sad that many Christians do not understand the focus of God’s word nor of His future (end times) plan. The simple reason is that they have not heeded the sage tailor’s important advice to “always keep a knot in the thread.” See how this is critical to understanding God’s promises to us.

Does Romans 13:1-2 Require Obedience To Government In Every Circumstance?

Ministers sometimes use Romans chapter 13 to teach that Christians are subject to the law of civil governments in all circumstances. They assert that all governments, good or not, are established directly by God and are to be obeyed without question or resistance. This view is based on the of the Divine Rights of Kings. Under that theory, the role of conscience in considering the morality of government policies becomes irrelevant.

Winking Twinkies

The summer of 1956 was a watershed summer in that I was presented with the first of my nisionot (nisionos for yeshivisha pronunciation) in how deep my commitment to Jewish observance ran. Not that I want to compare myself to Abraham’s 10 nisionos, which he passed with flying colors, nevertheless and unlike father Abraham I was truly challenged with this first one because of the sheer will power demanded of me. It was expected of me by generations of Jews who came before me who martyred their lives “leshem shamayim” (for the sake of heaven), to withstand the temptation to eat a Twinkie knowing that it was my god given right and that of every American kid to snack on them.

Explaining the Divrei Torah

Divrei Torah are discussions about a Parsha or a portion of the first five books of the Bible known as the Torah in Judaism. The five books of the Torah and the Christian Bible names are Bereishith/Genesis, Shemoth/Exodus, Vayiqra/Leviticus, Bamidar/Numbers and Devarim/Deuteronomy. The weekly Parsha is read aloud at a synagogue on the Sabbath. After the service is finished, the rabbi will give a talk based on it. There is often a life lesson that is reinforced by passages from the Torah or other Jewish texts. These discussions are an effective way of relating the ancient texts of Judaism to a person’s everyday experiences in the 21st century.

Our Bodies Are Rentals From God

On Friday, my last Uncle passed away. He was 89 years old. Of the eight children my Grandmother birthed, only one remains.

Explaining the Torah Parsha

The Torah Parsha, in part is a section of a biblical text, or more specifically a part of one of the five books of Moses. These five books of the Torah correspond to the first five books of what Christians call the Old Testament: Bereishith/Genesis, Shemoth/Exodus, Vayiqra/Leviticus, Bamidar/Numbers and Devarim/Deuteronomy. Each week at synagogues all around the world, the same Torah Parsha is read aloud on the Sabbath. The last one is read some time in December or January then the process starts over again.

Sidewalks, Foot Paths and Stepping Stones

Walking is my favorite exercise. Just as I only need one piece of equipment to make that experience pleasant – a good pair of walking shoes, I only need one thing to make the path of life joyful – trust in God.

Believing God Authored The Bible

Can we agree that, though Moses, the Prophets, and the Apostles etc wrote the Bible, God is its author? That is John Calvin’s thesis. It is a thesis shared by much of the Christian world, though there might always be a significant number of believers who cannot fathom God actually authoring anything through human writing. Their faith may be in God, but it’s not in doctrine. But such a believing premise falls flat. The reason for this lack of conceptualisation, according to John Calvin, is there has been no testimony of the Holy Spirit to that effect in these people.

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