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Parshat Ki Teitze – Extreme Sensitivity

In Parshat Ki Teitze we are given what could be argued is the “grossest commandment”. In the holiest document ever written, the Jewish military is given instructions to (please pardon me) relieve themselves outside of their encampment, as well instructions to bring a shovel along with their weapons for convenient and hygienic disposal of said relief.

Omniscience and Human Freedom

Does God’s Omniscience Imply Lack of Human Freedom? Suppose there exists an omniscient being (“God”?) who has complete fore-knowledge of all events.

Choose a Good Memory Verse For Your Sunday School Class – 3 Suggestions

What makes a good memory verse to accompany your next Sunday school lesson? Here are three suggestions to take into account while planning this weekend’s class.

What 16th Century Anabaptists and Mennonites Can Teach Us in the 21st Century

I have recently started reading a book on Mennonite History. I became interested in this topic through my teaching in U.S. History on the different religious groups that migrated to the United States. I also gained interest because of a Mennonite pastor I have been listening to a lot, Shane Hipps.

Teachers Relationships With Their Students – 8 Ways to Make Your Students Feel Special

It has been said that good teachers know their material well, but the best teachers know their students well. Here are eight ways to make your Sunday school students feel really special!

Seven Bible Lessons Your Teen Group Should Learn Before They Graduate From Your Class

The Bible talks to all ages. However, young people from the scriptures give teens an example of how to make good choices that will affect them for the rest of their life. Here are 7 important Sunday school lessons that your class should hear before they graduate.

How to Handle Questions in Your Bible Class – 5 Suggestions

Do you plan for questions when you create a Bible class lesson? A good teacher can answer questions well. A great teacher will anticipate and plan for questions. Here are five suggestions for incorporating questions into your next lesson.

Parshat Ekev – Does God Feed the Hungry?

In the Torah portion of Parshat Ekev we learn of ones obligation to bless God after eating a meal. There is a text known as Birchat Hamazon, a long series of blessings that Jewish law says we recite after eating any meal that includes bread.

Understanding the Needs of Your Students – Five Groups of Students in Your Sunday School

To effectively reach your Sunday school and youth group students, you need to understand their needs. Here are five groups of students and how to teach effectively to the appropriate level of leaning and understanding.

When the Cross Becomes a Sword (Christian Extremism)

Christian political leaders in Uganda have taken the idea of theocracy to a new scary level. Under the new law being proposed, all homosexuals would be sentenced to life in prison, HIV positive gay males would be hung, and anyone who fails to “report” gay individuals could be sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Rethinking the Gospel of “Success”

Ever since the crash of 2008, I’ve found myself doing a lot of soul searching. At first, like most people, I had no idea what the crash was about. Who caused it? What political party is to blame? And, for Pete’s sake, what in the world is a credit default swap?

The Divine Feminine

The concept of divine feminine has been a mired in controversies. A fresh idea on it.

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