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The History of Miracle Healing


The History of Miracle Healing

In the Bible, we read about mighty men who brought the message of God to the people. Those men were the prophets. They spoke the Word of God and empires rose and fell at the sound of their words. The heavens and the earth obeyed their commands. No man or bibliotheca ever equaled their majesty. The Bible also records that Jesus was dedicated to the work of revealing God to us, and that he was baptized in the Jordan.

The apostles, including Stephen and Philip, went out to preach the message in the country. They did this by healing the sick. They had great faith and cast out demons. Some of the earliest accounts of these healings were from private homes and places where there was no social or political power.

Later, the church began to spread. During the fourth century, the Roman Emperor Constantine converted and Christianity gradually became state-sponsored. The number of church members increased from five to thirty million. However, many of these converts were merely nominal Christians. They were enticed by the gifts and higher status jobs they could obtain. Furthermore, these people were prone to seek pagan spells. These people were often harder to reach than the people who had never heard about Christ.

The nineteenth century was an exciting time for Protestants. Missionaries began to spread across the world. Revivals spread across the continents. Many of these new believers reported a “new birth” experience involving forgiveness of sins. They also received a “second blessing” known as sanctification. The latter was a spiritual experience that brought them freedom from the power and pollution of sin. Even some Christians claimed to have recovered from sickness.

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