Revival is Now Nebraska Night 1

A Personal Prayer Pilgrimage, Part 1

Everyone who knows the Lord has their own special prayer experiences with Him. This is a summary of mine.

Easter Crucifixions

While the notion of crucifixion has been taken over by the Christian community as their own it was an old widely practiced ritual that took place at the time of the equinox. It saw many god-men murdered on crosses to become mates with the Virgin Mother God named Mary.

Virgin Mary Conspiracy

Traditions don’t die easily and when it concerns one’s idols and gods of the ancestors they are deeply engrained in the psyche. That is what faced the new religion of Constantine unless he incorporated them into his new religion. He did what he had to do and that involved a conspiracy to fool the masses.

Emperor Constantine Founded the Conspiracy of the Catholic Religion

The conspiracy introduced by Emperor Constantine aimed to set in place a false god. Unawares that he was doing the will of God the aim was to mold the spiritual Children of God by strengthening them spiritually.

Yearning for a Broken Heart

The fullness of commitment to live as God would have us live does not come easily. We cannot make ourselves think this way. Only when the LORD invades upon our lives, redeeming control over us, and blessing us all the same, do we stand a chance to have hearts transformed into the likeness of the Son.

Virgin Birth Conspiracy

With the virgin birth as a tag the conspiracy to change the nature of God becomes apparent. Genetic science shows the impossibility and improbability of such a claim. The facts behind the image of Jesus Christ are explained through the bible where the evil of Constantine, who first introduced the image, is detailed.

The Truth About Grace – Part 2

We have defined wisdom as the correct application of knowledge and understanding. Yet, to be truly wise is also to be discerning. To be discerning we must be in constant contact with the precious spirit of the Lord. One of the reasons our Lord could not be drawn into an argument and thereby lose His cool, so to speak, was that He was constantly led by the Spirit. He could discern the motives of why men and women said what they said. Indeed when someone asks us a question they are rarely looking for an answer to that particular question. They often have a totally different motive. Here again is why we need the wisdom of God.

Are You Listening?

Sometimes we feel as if the one to whom we are speaking is not listening to us. The Lord God always listens, hears our questions and answers them.

Three Seemingly Unrelated Stories

In three seemingly unrelated stories, a truth about human nature presents itself. What we really need are not comfort or possessions, but meaningful relationships.

Saint Andrew – The Man Behind the Legend

An article about history and life of life of Saint Andrew. He was the first of Jesus’ apostles, according to Christian history and is best know for being the patron saint of Scotland.

The Dark Mountains and Religious Lies

They are mentioned frequently in the Old Testament as places where people are trapped as if in a jail. There is a distinct warning in Isaiah 16-17 to the spiritual people of Israel that they will suffer misery and be carried away captive if they stay under their influence. This called for further research to unlock the meaning of the scripture and the danger warned against.

Emperor Constantine and Jesus Christ

He set out to create a god and he did it well. He gave it a voice and a presence and his actions have fooled the world for almost two thousand years. How he did it and why is now raising eye-brows.

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