Living Apostles Today

What is wrong with the church? Identifying the problem is one thing. Having the remedy is another.

Alister, Do You Know Who I Am?

In the Spring of 1865, a stranger began to sit on Alister Cromwell’s London Row House Steps. For one month, the stranger made no mention of his attentions to Alsiter until one night. Now Alsiter must give the correct answer.

Is Adultery “Just” Another Sin?

No serious person who makes an effort to understand the intent of the Word can ever again refer to adultery as “just” another sin. We can’t, because God doesn’t.

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo is a popular series of books for children. It is also an analogy in our search for God. Read three things that Where’s Waldo can reveal about our search for God.

Christianity – Some Key Facts Revealed

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Thanksgiving Sermon Video Ideas You Can Try This Year

Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to give thanks to God for his many blessings and everything he has done for us. Pastors are using Thanksgiving sermon videos to help the congregation remember what we should be thankful for during the Thanksgiving season.

Chanukah Gifts

As many Jews probably know, Chanukah is at hand. That means Chanukah gifts, celebration, and Chanukah menorahs. The festival of lights is not as big in Israel is it is here in the states, but then again they don’t have Christmas to compete with.

Cremation and Burial Practices in China

Bizarre cremation practices still abound in this world. In China, when a Buddhist monk dies, he is cremated by his subordinates and his last remains are preserved by them, as a tribute to their favorite leaders and mentors.

Valuable Lessons From Prophets of Old

When I woke up this morning and turned on the television I started watching a spiritual show. The main topic that the speaker spoke on was from verse from the book of James in the Bible.

Can You Lose Your Salvation in Christ?

We ask the question and affirm that the fearful possibility exists for the careless to lose their place in Christ through persistent unbelief, willful sin, unforgiveness, legalism or any number of causes. The only security is to remain in Christ, it is not to staunchly hold a doctrine that such “remaining” is not vital to your eternal well-being.

Beware of Dogs

The impure and those that refuse to believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ harbor grudges against all that hold these words as the truth and the life of all mankind. As was prophesied, men today have tried to change God’s word into a lie, they have turned away from their creator and are worshiping the creature(man and his lust.), many take this Gospel and change words, meanings, add too and take away trying to justify their evil. They do not know the difference between the New Testament nor the Old, judgment of the Law nor the law of mercy. By grace through faith are we saved.

The Stupidity Of Unbelief

The religious man who refuses to trust Christ alone or salvation has two major flaws, (1) a high opinion of self, and (2) a low opinion of God. It’s that simple! So long as he remains like this, he will never come to rest in the gospel. Indeed, if any of us suffer from an inflated sense of our own righteousness we quickly delude ourselves into imagining that our religious performance wins God’s favour. Coupled with that, our low opinion of God makes us view Him from afar, suspiciously observing, but always unwilling and even afraid to put ourselves entirely into His hands. Until our unbelief is removed we cannot grasp the free and generous character of the undeserved grace of God.

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