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Is Modern Religion Teaching God’s Word Through Jesus Or is it a Hoax?

The Bible has everyone talking the talk, but who is walking the walk? Let us listen to what Jesus had to say. One can certainly say, From what we may know of Jesus, That he spoke of peace and love for your fellow man. This means everybody living upon God’s Earth.

Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?

There are four major players in Revelation. Three beasts, the false prophet, and the image of the beast that causes everyone to get the 666 “Mark”. There are minor players as well, such as the harlot on the scarlet beast, but nobody would confuse her with an antichrist.

Are Atheists Evil?

One of most cited arguments made against open atheists is that they are pure, unabashed, evil. They are against God, against Christ, and everything His church stands for. There are either completely mistaken or subversively clever in their attempts to undermine a set of beliefs that has been around for over two thousand years. But are they really evil? Lets explore that question.

Meet Artist, Teacher and Poet, Akiane – The Child Prodigy With an Amazing Heart

In this world there are some people who struggle to find their way from a very young age. Most of us fall into that category. Every once in a while, however, someone comes along who has been blessed by God with a gift, a soul that seems to see and know things beyond their years. This is the story of Akiane Kramarik, a young woman with an amazing gift. Akiane adds, “I have been blessed by God. And if I’m blessed there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others.”

What is the Ultimate Power of the Catholic Church?

There is one power that the Catholic Church holds to this very day that has shaped the face of the western world. It is more powerful that any military weapon, and its effects are eternal.

Final Words Are Invariably Important Words and This Experienced Leader Sheds Light on Vital Issues

As John writes his final words before he dies he wants disciples of Jesus Christ to know that they have eternal life. “We know” becomes his theme. We are sure, and we want you to know, and be sure.

There is a Massive Difference Between Saying, Believing, and Knowing, and John Would Have Us Know!

One of the main purposes of John’s letter is to help those who had entered into eternal life know they had possessed it. Turn to I John Chapter 5 verses 13 to 21, these final verses, and they are all about assurance. We live in an age of agnosticism, and that simply means “don’t know”.

Yoga Christianity – Is it Okay For Christians to Do Yoga?

Many Christian fundamentalists in the USA oppose Yoga on religious grounds. Is Yoga offensive to traditional notions of Christianity?

Christian Myth – You Have to Tithe to Receive the Blessing of God

God will speak to you about tithing, offerings, and alms. But in the meantime, don’t give away the rent money without faith, no matter how emotional or guilty you may feel, or you may not be able to pay your rent!

What You See is Not What You Have

If you ever wondered why the Bible version you use matters, you may want to read this article. And if you use any of the so-called modern day translation Bibles, like the NIV, NLT, CEV or NCV, you definitely want to read this article.

The Union of the Internet and the Church

The grandest marriage man might ever witness in this life is no other than the union of the internet and the church. Administered by state-of-the-art church website designs, this marriage is not just for the benefit of a few but of the many hunger spirits worldwide.

The Christian Can’t Be Proud

The Christian oughtn’t to be proud. They should be gentle, preferring humility to pride. That is the true mark of christianlikeness. The one who is proud is arrogant; he is conceited and self-opinionated, trusting in his work and abilities. What we should care to understand as Christians is that the entire creation of God is His together with the within contents. He identifies with those who are in pursuit of His motive for creation.

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