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The Differences Between Traditional Christianity and Charismatic Christianity


The Differences Between Traditional Christianity and Charismatic Christianity

In a recent article, I outlined some of the key differences between traditional Christianity and charismatic Christianity. As I mentioned, charismatic Christianity is devoted to evangelism, conversion, and the perseverance of the saved. Both of these facets of Christianity share a common thread: both evangelists know that they are engaged in an epic battle with the demonic forces that threaten the world. While Satan is real, satanic powers possess sovereignty over entire nations, and both are actively working to undermine the evangelization of the world.

In charismatic Christianity, conversion does not come from decision but from performing. Faith is lived out, and the result is a “new creature” – the embodiment of the risen Christ. This re-subjection is part of the process of putting on “the whole armor of God.” This process may involve a vigorous spiritual boot camp, intense physical training, and other forms of subjectivation. However, in charismatic Christianity, prayer is the primary means of spiritual warfare and a central part of redemptive praxis.

While personal discipleship is difficult, it is essential to follow Christ. It takes time, patience, wisdom, and consecration to walk in the way of Christ. In personal discipleship, you must follow His Word and obey His commandments daily. Ultimately, this will lead to preaching to the nations, so it’s imperative to practice all these facets of Christian life. The result is that you will be better equipped to help others achieve their full potential.

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