Revival is Now Yoakum, Texas

How Many Worship Seminars?

Worship seminars are commonplace in the Christian world, and many churches send their praise and worship leaders to these worship seminars thinking that they will pick up that magic piece of information that will catapult their church worship to new levels. However the more worship seminars you attend, the more you realize that there is no magic bullet that will help you become a great worship leader overnight.

Creation of the Universe – Day One of God’s Creation – Part 2

The first thing that God created was light. (Genesis 1:3-4) Why did God create light? God did not need the light so he could see.

Creation of the Universe – Day Two of God’s Creation

Have you ever wondered where God got the materials to build his creation? The Bible gives many clues about the creation throughout the Bible if we only look with a seeking heart.

The Biblical Evidence For a Conspiracy Theory of the Resurrection

The problem of conspiracy theories of Jesus’ supposed resurrection, so far, has been that of establishing a motive. But it has, so far, not been recognized that there were Pharisee members of the Jewish Sanhedrin who were disciples of of Jesus, and to whom may be ascribed strong political-ideological motives to fake a resurrection.

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit – What Does it Mean?

I had a horrendous experience this past summer in Korea. I’ve described it in previous blogs. Suffice it to say now that it brought to the surface a lot of issues.

Is an Apocalyptic Earthquake Impending?

A huge earthquake may be impending. If so, biblical information may best fit our situation. Just as “there are no atheists in foxholes,” we may wish to seek an understanding of biblical truth and a covenant relationship with God.

God’s Persistent Pursuit of You!

Discover how God is more interested in a relationship with you, than you are with Him! That He never lets go of us, even though we may turn from Him. God is the perfect gentleman, and will never force you into a relationship with Him.

Ujjain, Kaal Bhairov and the Dabral Baba

Ujjain is one of the holiest cities of the Hindus.No pilgrimage for any Hindu is complete without a visit to Ujjain. Ujjain is about 60 kilometers by road from Indore in central India.

Jesus Christ – The Second Coming

He has been called a prophet, a man of God and to many people all over the world the Son of God, our Savior, Jesus Christ. If you know the story of Jesus then you know he was born to Mary and Joseph of Nazareth in the town of Bethlehem. With his father being a carpenter by trade, Jesus naturally learned the trade of carpentry.

Challenged to Serve

God uses each and every Christian in His work. Many times before we respond to God’s calling to join Him in His work we must be challenged.

When Should the New Testament Passover be Observed – 14th or 15th?

Christ did not destroy the Old Testament Passover, because he died EXACTLY on the 14th day. The Lord’s supper was NOT the Passover, but coincided with the Jewish regular meal–the Kiddush meal. Unleavened bread was taken out of the houses before the 14th ends, so that on the 15th no leavening at home. During Christ last supper, the leavened bread was allowed but must be out at the end of the 14th.

How to Speak Hebrew

Hebrew is a sacred language that comes from the Semitic family of languages. Ancient Hebrew is still used in prayer and study.

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