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What the Bible Says About Sin – Part 1

We have all heard about sin and many of us have wondered if sin is a big deal or not. Dr. Noll will explain the basics of this perplexing topic and help you to understand why this topic is so confusing.

Does God Really Hate Divorce? Part 2

Ok, the last time we were together, I taught on the subject of “Does God Really Hate Divorce?” We learned that there have been some “mistranslations” or overt changes made to the Bible text to make it seem as though God absolutely does not allow divorce. In this installment, I will cover what Jesus said.

The Refreshers

Human nature thrives on the negative, while the Believer flourishes on the positive. The more that negativity is sowed, the greater the challenge will be to live a positive life.

The Church and Government

Seems as if everyone has their own opinion about the separation of church and government. Let me make it clear, the Church was established by God; the government was instituted by God due to the self-centeredness and selfishness of mankind. All levels of government leaders’ are under the authority of Him.

Promoter of Good Things

A child of God should be 8… wise, fair, reverent.

The Right Thing to Do

My pal’s business was struggling, because the other suppliers were getting all the contracts. And if you don’t give the person signing off the order a cash backhander, chances are that order isn’t coming your way.

Arguing and Fighting

My wife has been away for a whole week to finish her book in silence. We were so happy to see one another and when we realised that the children were busy with their interests, we decided to go and have a quiet dinner in town.

Fear of Coronavirus – Who to Pray to?

Seeking spiritual help during very troubling times is common. But in this period of fear of coronavirus, with many people having moved away from religion, some are struggling to find words and connection that could provide support and encouragement. Spirit of life & fear of coronavirus Compassion, wisdom and virtue can be found within all that is truly humane.

Dealing With Those Problems

Christians worry and even sometimes doubt the reality of His Word. We are never alone for Jesus is always with us, yet we react to problems as if we are minutes away from defeat.

Does God Really Hate Divorce?

This article discusses the issue of God’s view about Divorce. The author will compare the written word of God to the Hebrew language to prove his point.

Alcohol Abuse

Paul takes Titus by the hand and equips him with a number of tools to plant new churches. One of the most important elements is to get leaders who can lead the church together.

Control Your Temper

Shannon is speaking: Saturday morning, I went to our local shop to pick up my meat order. In front of me in the parking area was an elderly couple who was taking a little bit longer to park.

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