Revival NC part 2

Schrodinger’s Birds: The Existence of God Is What We Make It

I felt so bad I couldn’t sleep. Until six nights later I decided I had a choice. I could believe the baby birds had died and feel guilt and remorse about my mistake; or I could believe the babies had been found and fed and then feel happy about that. I chose number two–I truly did, one of the few times I was able to control how I thought about something–and went to sleep. The next morning (Friday again, an outside watering day) I heard unfamiliar birdsong. I followed the sound stealthily until I spied the little singer high atop the piΓ±on where the ill-fated birdhouse hung.

Three Big Subjects Christians Forget

How do we see ourselves today – do we have any similarities with the people of Corinth about 2,000 years ago? I’m sure there are many differences, but then in some ways not a lot has changed. These people were genuine Christians, who had struggles, fears and hopes. They were big-city people in a progressive and a morally corrupt Greek society. And they were people to whom the gospel of Christ had come in power, and they had turned to Christ for salvation. Then they needed to grow and mature by trusting in the Lord. And as they did this, Paul the apostle wants them to know at least three things. He mentions these in his second letter to the Corinthians.

I Feel Good Enough For God – He’ll Accept Me!

Is the message of Jesus merely a religious add-on to supplement our current phase of human development, or is it past it’s sell-by-date by now? Many people have a strong gut feeling that relying on their own goodness; they’ll make it at the end of the day. Yes, God will surely accept them. As these ideas are resting on natural human optimism, maybe we ought to take God’s own word into account, in case we mislead ourselves.

What Really Happened When Jesus Died?

This is one of the biggest questions of all. What sort of answer you would give? The Christian faith centres on Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection. It was he who died on that cross outside the old city of Jerusalem, and it is he who, three days later, God raised up, never to die again. To be brief, here is an answer is one verse from 2 Corinthians 5:21, ‘for our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.’ Let’s unpack these words.

How Hindus Converted to Islam in Composite Bengal

Spread of Islam – Generally it is an accepted fact of history, that at many places Muslims converted local people to Islam by the sword. I must however point out that in composite Bengal ( Bangladesh and West Bengal) most conversions were not by the sword, but by Muslim Sufi saints who brought out the ills inherent in Hinduism and Buddhism. The result is an eye-opener as 65% of the Hindu -Buddhist population converted to Islam.

Do Same Sex Couples Belong in Church?

WHAT disqualifies people from affiliation with ‘church’? Perfection. The perfect person, by definition and designation, has no need of the church – they are disqualified from attending and being a member. They don’t need Christ. Anyone who has no need of Christ’s atoning work – because they have not sinned – has no need of the church. They may freely walk past. God can do nothing for them. We, on the other hand, fit right in.

It Starts From The Heart

New Believers need to understand how their new life in Christ begins. It starts with the heart, and then exhibits outwardly what happened inwardly.

Who Is a True Muslim?

As suicide bombers and militant jihadists kill and maim fellow human beings from Boston to Sydney and many points in between, Western leaders as well as mullahs repeat the refrain that these are not the acts of true Moslems. In recent months the western countries have witnessed a mass exodus of young men, and not a few young women, to join the fanatics who have established the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Repeatedly it is reported that these young people come from ordinary Muslim families that had no idea that their sons and daughters had been radicalised. For how long is the general public expected to believe that the Muslim community as a whole can shrug off responsibility for the monsters that are bred in its midst?

Evolution of Universe – Creation, Existence, Extinction (Exhaustion/Invisibility) of Universe

Universe is the manifestation of the pervasive Universal Energy, which is continuously emitted from the Self-existent, Mother Nucleus. Universal Energy transmits into Universal Matter thereby manifests as Universe.

Problems in Conceiving? There’s Still Hope

Mr. and Mrs. Joshi are happily settled in life. Right from a lavish bungalow to a luxurious car, there is not a single comfort missing that constitutes a royal lifestyle. Going for holidays regularly, watching movies in the cinema is not a big deal for both of them. But, still they aren’t happy and satisfied with what God has blessed them with.

Crystals and Wicca

Crystals and gemstones all have different magickal and therapeutic values depending on the tradition of Wicca within which you are working. This is an especially rich field for the solitary practitioner who is free to work with the crystal and gem correspondences that speak to them most powerfully.

Wiccan Traditions

In its modern form, there are many Wiccan traditions just as there are denominations in Christian churches. Many Wiccans find comfort in following one set path, while others draw on the elements of many traditions in solitary practice. Here are some brief descriptions of some of the major variations of the Craft.

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