Revival on Easter Sunday!

Four Secrets to Walking in a Huge Anointing of God

You can search the books and find them. These are pretty simple to share with you, but they are a lot harder to walk in. Have a look at this brief article if you want to know how to increase your anointing.

Why Are There Two Resurrections? – Part 5 – The All Encompassing Loving Nature of God

In this article I finally get to the Second Resurrection, but not without first revealing the all loving nature of the Godhead, for without this wonderful understanding you are never going to be shot of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious indoctrination you have been burdened or cursed with. It’s time you were set free from their bad news.

How to Pray Prayers That Bless the Heart of the Father – Things Not to Do!

One of my least favorite things in the world is a prayer meeting. It seems many in the church feel the same way as few people attend them when the church leaders try and build up numbers. Here are some things not to do when you go.

Prophetic Evangelism – 3 Essential Tips to How to Identify a Stranger to Minister To!

Many people might be stopped from being used in prophetic evangelism with the simple fact that they don’t know how to identify people that the Lord wants you to speak to. This is a simple teaching about that vital part of the process.

Enoch and Elijah to Be Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 – Here is Why!

There is much debate in circles as to who the two witnesses will be. Many look at what people have done in the past and say that the plagues that the two witnesses will do point to the fact that Moses is going to be one of them, and the fact they both breathe fire means Elijah is going to be one, but there is a simpler truth.

Common Misconception in the Bible Teachings – Gambling is Not a Sin

To those who seek the truth shall find the truth, to those who seek to justify their sinful actions shall also find the reason to justify their actions. The truth is spiritual discerned by the men who have submitted to the Spirit of Truth, so they can see the Truth; this is not of the human mind but of the Spirit. All who loves the truth will see the Truth; all those who are covetous minded will see the lie and believe the lie send to them. Satan is a great deceiver and he still is.

Running the Race of Faith For the Prize – A Secret About the Actual Race Track You Run On!

Paul talked about running the race of faith the claim the prize. Paul, the great apostle also believed that even He could be disqualified. Many people don’t know much about this race track, the race track we need to run on to claim Salvation. Let me share with you a secret about this track and give you encouragement in your journey.

5 Secrets Satan Does Not Want You to Know – The Truth About Regarding Prophetic Evangelism

The Father of lies does not want you ministering to people with prophetic evangelism, so he tells lies and keeps secrets from the body of Christ. When you know these secrets, you might feel a lot more comfortable to seek the prophetic gifts and begin to witness to people through the prophetic. Read more.

The Effect of the Three Prophetic Gifts Used in Prophetic Evangelism

It only takes a little research and a bit of money and you can be taught about the prophetic gifts by experienced people, have the gifts imparted and be supervised as you walk in them in the marketplace. You can fly out to a school or have a prophetic evangelist come to your church for a small donation. What do you want to do?

The Promises of God in Our Lives

Mostly when God promises us something, we expect this to take root immediately. This rarely happens and the opposite usually is the first result. When God promised me financial breakthrough, I lost everything I had at that time. I even got to a point where I was even doubting the words I heard from God, but he had come in such a way that I could not doubt even for a minute that God had surely spoken to me.

The Right Approach to Christian Worship Guitar

When approaching Christian worship guitar, it is vital to keep a biblical perspective in mind. What does the bible say about worship and how does this relate to Christian guitar players?

My Candid Commentary on “Jon Foreman, Your Love is Strong” Lyrics

This song really touched me the other day and I wanted to take it apart and make some comments on it and see if I can add to it’s message, so that you can get more out of the song next time that you hear it. It is also for the people that like to follow my articles from time to time.

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