Revival part 2

Basic Guidelines For a Home Church Bible Study

The home church is a small group ideally suited for a serious bible study. Bible is from the believers standpoint inspired by the Holy Spirit to be our guide. But the bible is a complex and mysterious book.

Standing For the Pro-Life Position to a Dark and Cruel Fault

This is the danger which I see apparent in the pro-life movement and every other ideological movements. Often, the ideology trumps compassion, mercy, and humanity. We have to be very careful that we do not let good (trying to lower the abortion rate) become a type of evil (forcing a 9 year old girl to die to preserve the “sanctity” of life). While I do think the issue of the sanctity of life is important, it does not trump every other issue dealing with humanity, mercy, and justice…

The Role of Daily Prayer in Home Church Discipleship Training Plan

Prayer is the breath of the believer. Home church gathered in a house with family and friends can teach how to pray daily and continuously.

My First Quaker Experience – Preserving the Essence of the Christian Faith

I went to a small town about 4 1/2 hours away this past weekend called Monteverde. It was started by a group of American Quakers who fled from the United States in the 1950s to escape persecution for their pacifist views.

Blessed Are the Deceptive?

My ancient civilization students are making plays based on one of Aesop’s fables. The students are supposed to take the moral of the fable and create a modern day example of the fable. One of the groups created a play which really got me thinking. It went like this:

Me, My God, My Religion

We Indians firmly believe, when nothing works my God works. The temple of worship is often a school of crisis management. I am afraid. I have kept my religion very simple and survived. Religion for me I guess is to be to myself and let others be to themselves.

Home Church is the Key to Walk and Minister in the Spirit

Why do I say home church is the key to walk and minister in the spirit? Walking in the spirit is a strange and weird concept for a regular traditional church member. Most traditional churches have abandoned the concept of walking with God. Spiritual life to them is attending church week after week and participating the activities and programs of the church.

St Patrick and Ireland

First off, St Patrick was not Irish! More likely he was born in west Britain, maybe in what is now Scotland, though no such country existed at that time. St Patrick is believed to have born in Britain towards the end of the Roman occupation of in the 400 hundreds AD. Nobody knows for sure when exactly he was born, but he was probably part of the Romano British aristocracy that had embraced Christianity.

Understanding Prophecy, Prophesying, and Prophets

Whenever a person speaks under the anointing while giving testimony about Jesus Christ they are speaking by the spirit of prophecy. Just because a person has, can, or will prophesy does not mean he or she is a prophet or has the gift of prophecy. It simply means they are speaking under the anointing or inspiration of God in a particular time and place.

Free Daily Christian Bible Email – Essential Way to Read Bible Every Day

What is the main purpose of human life? The answer is how we are living the life is the main purpose of the everyone life.However,most of the people are interested to live life without any stresses.

Different Types of Djinn and the Rituals to Summon and Control Them

Djinns are the early inhabitants of the Universe. Once djinn were the ruler of the universe with great empires existed in the history. Djinn used to know all about decisions made by God for the future of the universe until they thrown out of the heaven to earth

The Almighty Lender Has a Greater Return Rate

It’s tax time. Yeah! No? For some of us this means we will be getting some money back, and for others, not so much.

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