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The Global Reach of Christianity

Christianity is a group of people who follow Jesus Christ. They believe that he died on the cross to pay the price for their sins, and he rose from the dead to bring them back into relationship with God.

Christians live in almost every country on earth, and they are spread across the globe as well. The majority of them live in the Americas (the United States, Brazil and Mexico), but five of the top 10 countries with the largest number of Christians are in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, reflecting the global reach of Christianity.

Casting out demons is an important aspect of a Christian’s faith. Demons can be very powerful and can be the source of many problems for a person.

Healing the sick is also an important aspect of a Christian’s life. The Bible says that Jesus cured people of their diseases and illnesses.

A Christian’s ability to heal the sick is a gift that comes from God and that must be practiced publicly for all to see. In the New Testament Jesus healed people who were lame, blind and had other physical disabilities.

The results of a Christian’s miracle healing must be visible instantly. This is why most modern claims to healing must be proven by their ability to make the patient better within a short time.

A Christian’s life of faith involves a lot of hard work and effort. It involves loving one another, serving others, encouraging each other’s faith, admonishing each other when they fall into sin, sharing each other’s burdens and praying for each other.

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