Rodney Howard-Browne Prophesies Over Alexander Pagani

Watch What You Say

What we say about others will have an affect on our health. We are told in the Word if we want to have a good long life then we are to watch what we say. Talking about anyone in a wrong way will cause you to not have a good long life. Take notice to what you say about others and even about your own self. It will amaze you what you are saying.

Behemoth – The Dinosaurs of the Bible That Were Made to Be Played With by Angels

The greatest stumbling block to the validity of The Holy Bible is the Dinosaur. There is so much evidence as to their existence in a prior age, yet the Bible fails to mention these humongous animals. Or does it? For centuries the Word Behemoth has stood out in the book of Job as an anomaly of sorts.

Christian Protection – How to Stand in Victory Against Worldly Pressures

The headlines in the news and on the Web announcing the grim realities of both economic and societal pressures in the world today are enough to crush any normal person. Christians, however, are certainly not normal, because they have a connection outside of the world. Protection is afforded, and where vulnerabilities remain there is great opportunity. Claim your victory today.

The Glory of Worship

It’s in the recess of the spirit that we know what Worship is, and when divulging the word of God we realized that Worship is the centre of our lives. Just like I Corinthians speaks we understand that worship goes beyond singing into our daily lifestyle because here Pastor Paul did not speak about singing glory but actually living ‘to the’ glory of God.

What Does Worship Mean? Part 3

As we have looked into the way the word worship is structure according to its English structure and also looked at it from a Hebrew and Greek point of view. Now we are going to contributing to focus on how the word worship is translated from Greek and Hebrew with the main focus on understanding what God intended by worship.

Declaration of Independence Culls Military Oppression Based on I Samuel 8-11,12

When God established government He intended for government to serve man. When man attempts to reform what God has intended for good, it always turns good into evil.

What Does Worship Mean? Part 2

In the article we looked to see the word worship and what that word meant according to its structure from an English perspective and now we are going to look at its Hebrew and Greek origins and see how it was structured and glean God’s original perspective of what worship meant to Him. In the Old Testament Hebrew Bible the word that often used to represent worship is “Hishtachawah” of which the basic meaning means “to bow down in reverence and submission” it involves bowing completely before a sovereign as a sign of deep respect, humility and surrender.

What Does Worship Mean?

We have taken off aboard the Worship Airways and we start to glide through the air and also to live for worship, our first stop is going to be, what is Worship? It is an individual adoration of God; it is a one man’s band. As we yearn to learn all about we will start with defining what the term worship means.

Worship is Not Just Singing

People believe and understand that Worship means to exalt, to praise, to lift, to ascribe, to magnify God in song its because they are used to the 30 minutes of praise and worship alone that they have in the church on the Sunday before the pastor preaches, this is what they believe worship is all about. The first mention of worship in the bible was in Genesis 22:5 which states “stay here whilst I and the lad go yonder and worship and come again”.

How to Open Spiritual Doors When Leading Worship

Worship is all about the world of giving glory to God and it’s done in that Spirit and if it is done in the spirit it changes the whole outlook of glorifying God. The spirit is there to lead us to worship him at his throne.

We Don’t Have To Be Victims – How One Woman Survived And Changed The World

Are you a victim of something? Many of us rally are and many of also think we are victims. Regardless, living as a victim does us more harm than good. It can preclude us from making a living and surviving in a world that we see as unfair, even though in our country we have opportunity if we take it.

The Revelation Brought by Worship

In this article we are going to focus on how worship is done biblically taking it from the book of Revelations. Revelations 5:12 “to him who sits on the throne and unto the lamb be blessing, honour, glory and power forever and ever”. The bible states that all creation heavenly and earthly should join to bring/ascribe/to offer unto God blessing, honour, glory and power.

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