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The Dead Feel Nothing As Dead Nerves Have No Feeling

Religious lies and false gods and promises of eternal life after death have pushed people into prison from which they feel unable to escape. Reincarnation, however, is a threat to that premise and it was outlawed by the RCC for that reason in the 5th CAD.

There Are Many Bricks In The Wall Of Religious Deceit That Hides The Truth

The truth is dangerous to all religious bodies as their dogma is created by men who sought power and control over the masses. Governments protect religions for this reason and they are tax free entities serving to keep law and order over the masses.

Did God tell late Pastor David Wilkerson timing for widespread Islamic terrorism in the USA?

Rick Wiles’ interview with John Shorey raises the question. Asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel, Matthew 24:3,15. Daniel was sealed “till the time of the end,” (Daniel 12:4) but Daniel 8:17 says…

Without Heaven There Could Be No Jesus Christ

People are easily fooled when it comes to believing in the spirit world. All it takes is a little thought to understand that for something to exist it has to have a presence. Heaven has no presence and nor does hell.

The Wall Of Churches That Hides The Spirit Of God

The Spirit of God is an infilling that brings joy, peace, healing and love. The religious gods leave me with a depressed feeling of emptiness, loneliness and horror. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum and the latter is what drags people in.

Spirituality Is Born Within And It Is Not In Religious Dogma

Many think of spirituality as being achieved through religious laws and attendance at church. This is exactly the opposite to what it really is as those who have it know.

The Mystical Intriguing Beliefs In Heaven and Hell

Its amazing how people believe in things that cannot be seen, felt, heard, touched, or in any way experienced. The spirit world of religious indoctrination is in that category and yet people trust in them with all their hearts while their minds have been stolen by lies.

It’s Not Fair – Look How Successful They Are!

One of the questions people have at times goes like this: ‘I reckon I live a pretty good life; I go to church and do what’s expected of me, but when I look at non-Christians, so many of them seem very successful – why is it not more fair?’ Is God expected to reward true faith by material prosperity? In this article I am looking at some words in the Old Testament book of Psalms, which answers this challenge. Here we find many songs of worship, covering all human life – the highs, the lows, the discouragements and the cries of the heart, guilt, forgiveness, love, joy, sickness and death.

Surviving Boot Camp

The Disciples of Jesus faced almost three years of trials and testings. How did they respond to there spiritual boot camp? How do we fare during those challenging times?

The Two Beasts Established All Religions And The False Gods

My reincarnation gave me insight into the myths of heaven and hell. They are none existence weapons for religious survival and the means by which people are attracted into their congregations.

Anatomy of a Mormon Melchizedek Priesthood – Study Guide Lesson on Mormon Theology

In 1984 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon Church, published a Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide entitled “Search These Commandments,” in which a lesson on classic Mormon theology was included. I studied this lesson during that time period, as did millions of other Mormon elders, including Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, who actually approved the publication of the 1984 Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide. This article is a comprehensive anatomy of that particular lesson, which I hope will firmly establish in the minds of Christians, who are considering joining the Mormons, the blasphemous and polytheistic doctrines that the Mormon Church really teaches, which remain unknown to most of the people who are innocently inducted into the social and ideological grasps of the Mormon hierarchy through the Church’s missionary program. Theology, or a religion’s statement about their god, is the basis for any organized system of religious belief, and the Mormons won’t, for very obvious reasons, publicly expose their unchristian theology. They have, instead, unfortunately chosen to lie about it.

Five Reasons I Left My Church After Twenty Years

After attending the local Nazarene church for nearly twenty years, I finally stopped going twelve months ago. Unlike my friend Mike, who basically left the same week I did, I have yet to find another church. When I ran into Mike while Christmas shopping last week, I was disappointed to learn how many of the members of our old congregation had treated him since his departure.

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