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Theology, The Study of God

Theology is defined by Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Eleventh edition as “the study of Religious faith, practice and experience; esp: the study of God and God’s relation to the world.” But a true knowledge of God can only be had by a self-revelation by God Himself. He has done this to some extent for all mankind.

Discover Some of the Common Jewish Symbols

There are a variety of Jewish symbols to learn and understand. Discover some of the most common Jewish symbols and further your knowledge of what these symbols represent to those practicing Judaism.

The Fate Line and Its Variation on the Palm

The fate line is one of the most popular lines on the palm of human being. The clean, long and strong line of fate brings more success and riches, while the weak line of fate makes the life poor. It is very important to study both chirognomy and chiromancy to get complete result.

Five Essential Things That Might Help You For Hajj 2011

Hajj is the trip of a lifetime, last year it involved upwards of three million people making the pilgrimage to Makkah. With such huge numbers of people descending to take part in this holy pilgrimage you need to be prepared.

Depictions in Outdoor Nativity Sets and Why They Have Discrepancies

A brief history of the evolution of outdoor nativity sets and the manner in which they are depicted. From the descriptions in the Gospels, the first nativity scene as created by St. Francis and modern day practices.

When the People and the Book Don’t Match

Bible or Spirit? That’s the choice being hurled at us in the church. Are you people of the Book or people of the Lord, they say. What an awful thing to foist on God’s people. And it’s a lie. We are both, and always have been!

Contemporary Church Music: Some Suggestions

It all started when my wife had a family obligation in another city. Our family of two was suddenly cut by 50%. It is already a law that certain age groups are not be left home alone. I think there were a couple movies made about that. Well, there oughta be a law about folks from, say, 65 on, too. Thought processes get all warped when some seniors are left to fend and think for themselves for excessive periods of time. At least that’s been my experience. No offense or generalization intended.

Women, War, and Hypocrites: Structure in the Qur’an

Just because the text of the Qur’an does not meet our expectations with respect to narrative continuity and the chronological sequencing of events, we should not conclude that it therefore lacks structure, or that it makes no sense. By paying attention to where and how various themes are discussed in the text, the structure of the Qur’an will reveal itself to the diligent reader. The fourth chapter of the Qur’an deals with issues related to women, war, and hypocrites.

Planning an Event for Your Women’s Ministry

If you want your women’s ministry to be a success, you should plan as many events as you can throughout the year. Events give the female members of your church a chance to meet with one another and build solid friendships, and help them grow spiritually.

Are You Ready for God’s Pop Quiz?

Sometimes business opportunities come our way that look great at the outset. But God is a testing God, and He may have allowed them to come into our lives to see whether we will embrace them, or cast them aside. How we respond might be a pivotal witness to another person’s life. Will we go for the gold or for God’s ultimate goal?

How To Walk Out Of A Deceptive Life

Most people find it difficult to differentiate good from evil. People who live deceptively are sometimes applauded and decorated in public places for doing a “good” job. In both public and civil service, we see people who act in ways that do not really tell others about themselves.

Inspirational Sayings That Will Reach You

When we need something to touch our heart, we look for inspirational sayings and stories that have a message. Feeling down and depressed is just part of our economic position right now. Not only in the US, but it seems around the world.

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