Satan’s Great Deception (Rob Skiba)

Where Is Heaven and Does It Exist?

The question arises as people struggle to understand the death process and what lies beyond. It is human nature to accept that after a hard and often impoverished life they will be greatly rewarded by God. That is what they cling to along with the fact that it hands the responsibility for their spiritual welfare to an authority, that is the religious organisation to which they belong.

The Prophets of Jerusalem and the Evil They Inflict Over the World

The references in the Old Testament concerning the prophets of Jerusalem focus on the evil they inflict upon the world, but who knows of it? To begin with who are the prophets and what are their crimes? Why the city of Jerusalem?

A Heart Filled With Love

The last few verses from Scripture told us that we are involved in a war. The ages old war between good and evil.

Sin Lulls You to Sleep

I like food. I like eating – that’s why I look like I do. For me, every meal is an opportunity to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

Watch Out, It’s War

It is war. We must know that. We must know that the powers of the dark are trying to steal us away every moment of the day, us who are people of the day, people who follow the true Light. It’s a fight. Why do you think you struggle so much just to stay on the road? Why do you think life’s not always so easy out there? Why does life sometimes push you so hard?

No More Fog

When I was a student, I used to drive the Intercape buses. I would leave Cape Town at eight in the evening to reach Port Elizabeth at six o’clock the next morning.

My Adoption

As happy as I am for being physically adopted, I cannot help being overwhelmed by my spiritual adoption. To call God my Father fills me with unspeakable joy. Words cannot express the joy that fills my heart when I think of the eternal family of which I am a part.

Don’t Fall Asleep

Have you heard the story of the soldier who fell asleep while on guard? He eventually simply dropped his head on his arms and slept.

In the Light, on Our Knees

Pieter told me about his time working for an organisation where not everything was run above board: You are blindfolded and led into a lodge where your heart’s desire to see light is granted to you. Then you are introduced to three great lights, namely the sun that reigns over day, the moon over night, and the extreme honourable master who reigns over and instructs his brothers.

The Contract

Christians have the greatest contract that the world has ever seen. Let us sign up as agents and be willing to let the Holy Spirit work through us as we share the policy with those in need!

Are You Ready for Jesus’ Coming?

We’ve become used to high walls and electric fences and security guards day and night in our country. People simply walk into your house and take what they want.

Death Is to Sleep in Jesus

Do you sometimes wonder what life hereafter will be like? Will the streets really be made of gold?

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