Saw A Demon Boy In Old Church Days Later Found This Picture From 1922

Babylon Is Alive And Well In Religion

Babylon saw the start of Islam and it is the root of all religions that followed. Constructed by the Amors they also built Roma (reverse Amor) and Constantine, an Amorite, established the first Christian religion, the Roman Catholic Church, based on its ideology and sun worship.

Jesus Was a Man of the Bible!

Jesus used the Scriptures of His day to combat the enemy’s attacks. Should we not?

Why Some American Muslims Desire Fighting On ISIS Battlefields

The Islamic State terrorist organization inspires a very small number of American Muslims through promises of militant glory. The desire to establish an Islamic system of governance by any means necessary fuels these would-be ISIS fighters to seek greener pastures on the battlefields of Syria. Some people are destined to follow Satan’s lead, so the best that can be done is to pro-actively arrest and prosecute these criminals before they carry out attacks of grand injustice.

Muslim Extremists Do Not Understand Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad is a concept that many people are familiar with, but that few people understand. Jihad is a highly encouraged Muslim practice. Let’s review just exactly what jihad is to explore why the ISIS military tactics of theft, murder, and extortion do not qualify as jihad.

Islamic Prophet Warned About ISIS Terrorists, Muslim Extremism

The threat of global terrorism, widespread murders, and Muslim extremism should be a surprise to no one, because the Prophet of Islam had guaranteed those transgressions would occur. In many well-documented statements, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said Iraq would become a major problem in Islam and that the almighty god Allah would not prevent Muslims from killing other Muslims in this spacious Earth. The prophet spoke the truth, proven by the chaos we see in the world today.

Jesus’ Great Commission: How to Lovingly Bring God’s Healing to the Ailing World and Stay Motivated

Have you ever wanted to be a doctor or a nurse? Wanted to wipe away a tear and make the pain go away with a kiss? Well, now you can, without even going to medical school! How? By taking up the Great Commission of the Doctor in Chief, Jesus Christ.

LOST SOULS: Finding Hope in a Support Group – Part 2

Working with the homeless for four years was a life changing experience. I learned about the evils of child abuse and domestic violence and how it can destroy an innocent child’s spirit. I met James, an ex-con, while working with Mother Wright in Oakland CA.

God’s News And Views Of World Affairs

While most of the prophecies demonstrating how to reach God are covered over by the dreams of men and false prophets enough remains to show what is in store for us. The renaming of the Septuagint as the Old Testament was an attempt to overthrow the Spirit and make men more powerful, but it has failed.

Water and Holy Spirit Baptism: Their Important Roles in A Christian’s Salvation

How important are water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit? Are they required for salvation?

Rest From A Completed Project

Work is hard. The end result can be very satisfying, though, when we get the chance to rest after it is all done.

God Communicates And Speaks To Us

Babylon is alive and well in the religions born of its idols and myths. Chief among them is the crucified Saviour that Constantine used to establish the Roman Catholic Church is 325 AD. Because God can speak and communicate with its own the information given to me is now undoing the work of 666.

The Reason Cardinals Wear Scarlet

Religions are born of kings who used regimentation and common belief systems to assert their power. They needed to impress that they speak as God and that they have the will of the Divine behind their activities.

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