Explaining Christian Facts With Manipulation

I was watching a movie about Christianity and this movie painted a different view, that might not have been true and could have easily been accepted by a majority of Christian believers as facts. Why do Christians continue to make movies that aren’t necessarily lying, but manipulating the truth?

Will God Turn You Away From Heaven? The Truth About Matthew 7.23

Many quote Matthew 7.23 as a warning to all those Christians who do not achieve perfect Christianity in this life. If that were so, heaven would be a very quiet place indeed. The verse comes at the end of a passage that opens by mentioning false prophets and ends on the ominous word evildoers. So, if not good, everyday Christians, who does Jesus refer to as evildoers?

Is Christianity a Dictatorship Or Religion?

Anyone who knows anything about Christianity knows that Jesus is the king and some consider him to be the king of the Jews. Jesus has been around for over 2000 years and his kingdom is starting to have more problems than ever before, as the uneducated become educated.

What Do Christians Really Want? – The Truth

I was thinking about something the other day when it dawned on me, that Christians really want to know the truth. However, they really don’t know where to look for it. Where do you find the truth and how do you really know that it is actually the truth?

Cataclysmic Flood – The Flood of the Bible

The Flood of the Bible is a great story to tell your kids one day, but are we just telling myths to our children? Well, the flood of the bible is not actually a myth and can be proven within the very earth we walk on.

The Augustinian View of History, a Study in Providence

Is God sovereign? If you truly believe that he is then everything must be understood in the light of His revelation. A Christian should have a well rounded education including a knowledge of history and its relationship to God’s revealed word. History seems to be an important concept in the Bible. How you understand history is important to how you react toward culture.

Year 2012 Apocalypse – Is it Fact Or Fiction?

Recently there has been a lot of hype created around the scheduled outcome of events that many claim to occur in the year 2012. In order to separate fact from fiction, we shall attempt to understand what exactly are the events that are scheduled to occur in 2012 and what proof is there to back up the system.

The Truth Behind 2012 – Do You Want to Know?

There are a plethora of theories which surround the outcome of events scheduled to occur in 2012. While most of these are simply theories, there is much more that meets the eye when investigated in the right manner and with an open mind.

The Mayan Calendar

The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar or more popularly known Mayan Calendar has its dates set to December 2012 and thereafter holds no ground in existence. The reason behind its abrupt end is not because it was not created post December 21th 2012 but it was not created due to the fact that post 12.21.2012, there would be no world to exist.

Przepowiednie 2012 – The Mayan Prophecy 2012

Lately, there has been an accelerated hype created around the year 2012 and the series of unfortunate events which will surround it. As per the data and information decoded over the years from scriptures and books that date back more than 5000 years.

The Father Meets Us Where We’re At

Many believe praying or devotional time is a religious exercise. To me it’s a relational friendship… often outdoors!

2012 and the Antichrist

December 21, 2012 is being ratcheted up to fever pitch all across the globe. The AntiChrist is being mentioned in the same breath almost every time. Who is the AntiChrist? What does he have to do with 2012? Is the 2012 hype actual or just a lot of hoopla?

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