Scary and Shocking She Said This In 2009

Does God Feel Pain?

The Spirit is within its people and when it feels pain so do they. At this time there is much pain and suffering in the world as we approach the end times. The visions and commissions given to me have made sense of the day of the lord.

What Do Jesus Christ and 666 Have in Common?

Most will probably answer nothing. Some, however, may already suspect the connection while a few will realise they are one and the same. Revelation 13:13-18 is the authority that sets us straight.

Introducing the Real God

Many pray and do penance and make pilgrimages etc, in the belief they are making themselves more acceptable to their gods. The facts are they caught on the dark mountains of falsehood and they are facing the worst that is to come.

Why Heaven Is Actually Hell?

Brainwashing children from birth into religious ideals is an act against humanity. The fact that religions get away with it is largely because politicians and those in authority are likewise corrupted by what happened in their earliest days. They simply can’t see through the fog.

Manifesting the Kingdom of God on Earth

Building in accordance with the divine blueprint – It is of cardinal importance for the corporate body of Christ to be established in the present day truth. Let us properly define the concept of present day truth. Present day truth can be defined as the word that God is emphasizing in the current epoch. (Bill Scheidler). However, present day truth is not a new truth, but the truth that God is reverberating in this epoch. With that being said, I am totally convinced that God is calling the church to return to the ancient landmarks of our forefathers. Ancient landmarks can be defined as the original pattern or modus operandi of building the kingdom of God on the earth realm. God commanded Moses to build the tabernacle according to the divine blueprint revealed to him on the mountain

Atheism – What Do You Think?

Rather than wondering whether atheism will grow to become the central belief of an emerging new world order, in this article I want to discuss the basis of atheistic thought and see if it might be related an ‘ultimate state of affairs’? This is a big question, and in view of the huge interest there is in atheism, we need to take a shot at it.

God Is Gaining Recognition As The Almighty Spirit of the Universe

God is no man and it has never sent a so-called son to earth to speak on its behalf. This mighty power is now making itself known throughout the world as people turn to it for answers and healing.

One of the Promises That the Virgin Mary Guarantees for Reciting the Rosary

Our Lady is our Advocate and the channel of all God’s grace to us. Our Lady is promising that She will watch especially over those who pray the Rosary.

God’s Pain, Anger and Retribution Is Taking Place Today

God is angry and now is the time of retribution and judgment. It is not how people think as the truth has failed those who are on the wrong side and are now being given to the sword. That is the promise made by the Spirit to those who turned their backs on it.

God Promised That The Religions of the Non-Spiritual Will Be Removed

There are many type of people but that which distinguishes them in God’s eyes are the spiritual and the non-spiritual. The latter have made their own systems with false promises to get people in but God has them in mind to destroy.

The Power Behind the Black Mountains and the Judgment of God

We are at the time of the end and the judgment of God has to do with the black mountains that are representative of the religions of the world. Those caught on them will be cast aside according to Old Testament prophecies.

Why Christians Hijacked Pagan Festivals

Many Christian festivals were originally pagan/ other native festivals. Prime examples of this include Christmas, Easter and the two successive days of All Saints and All Souls Day. Here is why these days/ celebrations were ‘taken over’ by Christianity.

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