School Of Deliverance (Georgia)

Would Knowing God’s Name Help You Communicate With God?

The thing is many people have some very strong ideas about how we must refer to Him to be successful in communicating with God. Some folks go so far as to say that if you call God by any name other than His correct one He won’t hear you. There may even be a few people who believe there is some sort of punishment associated with calling The Almighty something other than whatever they perceive His correct name to be.

Keys to Living by Faith

Fear of failure prevents people from living to their potential. What is holding you back from going where God is leading you? Is if fear of failure, fear of man or fear of the unknown?

The Story of Chosun, Part 27

Welcome back to the relating of Korean history, using Henry Hulbert and Robert Oliver as a guide. It is late 19th century…In 1885 Protestant missionaries arrive. They are medical doctors, Presbyterians by and large. Evangelists and educators followed soon.

The Bible’s Deception – Where is God’s Endorsement?

What did God Tell You about the bible? Anything? Jesus came to this earth To show man how to live as a man. He also showed man his connection with God.

The Lost Pilgrim Feasts

In our worship of the Eternal One, a corrupted calendar is not only worthless, it is also a direct violation of His instructions: “Ye shall keep my Sabbaths, and reverence My sanctuary: I am Yahuweh.” (Lev. 26:2). A corrupt calendar is defiance of our Creator and renders His pilgrim feasts lost to our access. Therefore, the lost pilgrim feasts are a prime objective for anyone in pursuit of His truth.

What is Purim?

Purim is a holiday in the Jewish religion that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from impending massacre orchestrated by the tyrant Haman. It is commemorated on the 14th day of the month of Adar on the Hebrew calendar which typically corresponds with mid-march on the Christian calendar.

Blessed Are You When They Revile and Persecute You – Matthew 5:11-12

Some people are just born to be rejected, reviled and persecuted for their faith. Some people just can’t help but be 150% for Jesus and not living for the lusts of the world. Some people live such a giving, loving and obedient life, the religious Christians will say all sorts of gossip about you and say evil things about you. Read on…

Can We Exist Without God and His Word?

Do only weak-minded people believe there is a God that cares for them? Can life be explained and enjoyed to the full without God and His Word? This article answers “no” to both of these questions!

Catholic Old Testament

The Catholic Old Testament is perhaps the most distinct version of “Old Testament” (this terminology has problems, thus it is placed in quotes here, but is used throughout as a convention) writings. Both the Catholic and Protestant Old Testaments contain the same texts as are contained in what is considered the Bible by Jews (titles for which may include Hebrew Bible, Hebrew Scriptures, and TaNaKh); however, the Roman Catholic Church also includes books sometimes referred to as Deutero-Canonical and sometimes as Apocryphal. These books include Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch, and 1 and 2 Maccabees as well as additions to some of the other books of the Old Testament like Esther and Daniel.

Days of Futility, Years of Fear

How about it? Is life what you dreamed it would be? Ever feel like you’re wandering around with Israel in the wilderness?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Wars have been fought because people could not tolerate differences. Many charities are based on one person knowing what is best for another, and this is often the cause of failure. When do we step in and change the world view of another person, and when do we mind our own business?

Prophecy – Ancient Gates

The Ancient Gates are ancient because they were created at the dawn of creation within the human spirit. You have this gateway or portal within your spirit. You not only have a spiritual portal within, you are also meant to be a gateway for His Presence, so others can encounter Him.

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