Sermons About Love for Valentine’s Day – These Are Great Scripture References For Your Sermon

It is that time of year when preachers are thinking about sermons about love and Valentine’s Day. Love is probably one of the most complicated and confusing topics in Scripture. There are literally thousands of verses that talk about love, but despite what we read in the Bible, we still have a hard time understanding it.

The Effective Praying to God

One should understand that God is there listening his children. He is there above watching his people and providing them what they need. But we, His people and His children should also glorify Him and ask Him what we need and He will gladly give.

When All Else Fails in Your Life: Just Give Up!

When I say give up, I mean give up the burdens in your life such as fear, worry, money anxieties, anger, hatred, envy and the more extreme emotion jealousy, and release them to God and Jesus to carry it. In a highly intense emotional state it is hard to make good intelligent decisions, in my humble opinion most of the bad things that happens to people occur when they are in a highly stressed situation. When you have absolute faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ your head will be clear and more stress free.

The Sir Asana, Spermatozoa and ESP

I am going to write on a topic that requires deep understanding. This concerns the development of Extra Sensory Powers or Perception. Nobody has as yet been able to explain why some human beings have these powers and dhow did they achieve them.

How to Prepare For First Communion

Preparing a child for a first communion must include an understanding of how serious the event is. You can explain to your child, for instance that just as our bodies need physical food, our souls need spiritual food, and the Holy Communion is that sustenance that God offers for our spirits.

How God Is Preparing Israel for the Return of Christ

A fascinating and unprecedented spiritual movement is taking place among Jews in Israel. Belief in God is way up, and Israeli Jews do 25,000 Google searches per month for Yeshua (Jesus). What is going on, and how does this fit with end-times Bible prophecy? This article reveals what God seems to be up to in Israel.

What Is God? What Is the Devil?

I would like to give my understanding of what God is and what the devil is. This information could give you a new perspective and possibly save your life.

Seven Abominations Of The Heart

Proverbs 26:24-25 say he who hates, disguises it with his lips and lays up deceit within himself. When he speaks kindly, do not believe him for there are seven abominations in his heart. When I read this, my mind began to think about what the seven abominations were and immediately it came to me and I believe that the Holy Spirit revealed it to me.

Jesus Receives Us In Spite Of Our Faults

Recently I was thinking about Peter and what the Angel told the women after Jesus was resurrected from the dead. He said go tell His disciples and Peter that He is going before you into Galilee, there you will see Him, as He said to you.

The Last Shall Be First and the Least the Greatest in the Kingdom

For many years these words of Jesus puzzled me. It is not that I have sat in church and not been listening to the sermons. It is not that I have not read many books on Christian subjects; but still these sayings of Jesus in the title, that the last shall be the first and the least in the kingdom will be the greatest, eluded me as for their meanings.

Have You Been Disqualified From Serving the Lord?

Many people think that they have sinned too much, they are too old, or that there is something that they have done or not done that has disqualified them from serving the Lord Jesus with their life. Are you one of them?

What Is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is believed to be the practice of supernatural and magical forces in order to affect an individual, place, event or property in either a good or a bad way. It is said to have anthropological, religious and historical contexts.

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