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So Why Do You Worry About What You Wear? Matthew 6:28-31

Once again Jesus has a sound argument comparing our clothes to the grass in field and the lilies that grow naturally and look wonderful. Once again he sued this comparison to teach us not to worry.

Can You Increase Your Height by 20 Inches by Worrying?

Every guy wants to be tall enough and not too short in this world as short guys are simply not as popular. And the women of the world seem to prefer guys that are taller than them. Guys can worry about their height and wish they were half a foot larger. As do women wish they were taller than the currently are. Jesus says quite simply to us that if we cannot add a foot to our height what good is it to us to worry about anything.

If You Are Worried About Food and Drink Look at the Birds of Air – Matthew 6:26

Jesus was a simple man. A simple man that used simple every day language to covey his message. Today he invites us to take a good look at the birds.

Do Not Give What is Holy to Dogs and Your Pearls Before Swine – Matthew 7:6

Have you ever wondered what this means. For years I did not have a clue and I paid the consequences with swine turning on me and hurting me. Let us look at it.

Get the Plank Out of Your Eye Before You Want to Help Another With His Speck – Matthew 7:3-5

So what does this mean? Can we actually understand this and when we do understand it, is it possible to live it? Sure we can, I know people that live it really well and I am quite good at it these days myself.

Judge Not Lest You Be Judged in the Same Way That You Judged – Matthew 7:1-2

We live in a world, where so many people do not have unconditional love for others. So many people judge another person and do not accept them and love them simply because there is something about them that they don’t like. Jesus says just as we judged, with the same measure we will also be judged.

Therefore, Do Not Worry About Tomorrow – Matthew 6-34

Is your life full of worry? Do you go from one worry to the next? Does it keep you up at night as you try and sleep? Well listen to what Jesus says about that and what I say as well.

Existence of God – Facts and Figures – Does God Exist?

Believing in the Existence of God is like believing in the existence of a flower. Even though a flower may not be directly visible to us but we can feel its presence by the fragrance it emits…God also exists but we cannot see it due to the limitations of the senses. God the Almighty is beyond the capture of the senses and the mind.

God’s Glory and Man’s Folly

The Earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the Earth. Yet we continue to stake off land and claim it as our own. This creates a problem. A man must defend his land against his brother taking over his land. This is a root to war. War is against God’s teachings. Man uses the excuse of righteousness to destroy his brother. This is going against God’s word.

Sin & Judgment

We confuse ourselves when we neglect the fact that Scripture treats repentant sinners differently than it treats unrepentant sinners. Repentant sinners have the protection of Jesus Christ the advocate, where unrepentant sinners face the full consequences of God’s law on their own.

Could Jesus Read Or Write?

The Bible states clearly that Jesus could write and if he could write there is a good chance that he could read, this should make sense to anyone who believes in the Bible. I could only find two versus in the Bible that mentioned Jesus writing and here they are.

Bible Study Should Start With Who Wrote the Bible

As a Christian, have you ever thought about reading the Bible, and then understanding the Bible and then applying it to your life. Could this be a possibility and if so, here are a few things that you’re going to need to know.

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