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The Differences Between Jesus and the Apostles


The Differences Between Jesus and the Apostles

The apostles were a small group of people who spread the message of Jesus, who had the power to heal and cast out demons. Yet, these miracles were limited in scope and never repeated by the apostles. So how does the apostles’ work differ from that of Jesus? There are many differences between the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, but there are some basic characteristics of both.

Jesus commanded believers to preach the gospel to all creatures, not just church members. He also promised that those who believe in Him will cast out demons and speak in new tongues. He also promised that believers would not be injured by deadly substances. Furthermore, he said that those who believe in him will lay hands on sick people, who will recover.

Some have criticized the doctrine of spiritual warriors, calling it scripturally and theologically heterodox. They have also accused it of absolving individual responsibility for sin. Many have also argued that the doctrine elevates believers to an almost God-like status, and claims that Christian prayers will decide the outcome of the end-times cosmological battle between God and Satan.

Charismatic Christians, on the other hand, are focused on evangelism, conversion, and persevering in faith of the saved. These Christians know that they are locked in an epic end-times battle against demonic forces. The demons of Satan and his followers have control over entire nations, and they are seeking to undermine the evangelization of the world by Christian believers.

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