Set Free at the Netherlands Revival after Renouncing

Principles of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ – Part 1 – An Overview

I know that we are to read the Bible, but are there specific things in the Bible that we are supposed to know? What are the things that new Christians should learn to help them in their walk with Christ?

Love Doesn’t Babble

“Love never ends” (1 Corinthians 13:8), or as the King James Bible reads, “Charity never faileth.” Fails is the better translation of the Greek. To say that love never ends makes it into a statement about time and duration, whereas to say that love never fails makes it into a statement about effectiveness and perseverance.

Vacation With a Mission

Have you ever thought of taking a faith-based vacation? As a Christian, how might you use your vacation time to renew your faith? You might participate in a short-term mission trip. You might simply make sure that you worship with another community of faith while you are away from you. Another possibility is to arrange a home exchange with another Christian.

With Regard to What Almighty God Hears, it is As If Our Radio Mikes Are Switched on Night and Day!

Now that it is all over might there be at least one salutary lesson to be learned from the lead-up to the General Election in the united Kingdom? It could be applied to all of us in virtually every walk of life. How many have fallen into this subtle trap and later wished that more care had been taken and observed. It pays to pay attention to what God says, no matter who you are.

Why Should You Know God?

Why should we bother to know God when many people live a happy and successful life without believing God? The number of atheists seems to be rising every year in the world and today some of the most powerful and influential people are atheist.

Jesus Christ’s Leadership is So Flexible – But He is Only So Flexible in Certain Areas of Life

What do you need this day spiritually speaking? Is there something quite specific that you would want Almighty God to do for you? We all need Jesus Christ to do something, in us, or for us, or to us, whether we are willing to admit it or not. You have done something like this. You burn your finger or something like that and you spit on it.

Is There Something Quite Specific and Practical That You Need Almighty God to Do For You?

Did anybody ever get into so much trouble for doing good as Jesus Christ the Son of God? So frequently we see Jesus ministering to someone in need, someone in real need, and all of a sudden, from some quarter, there comes a wave of opposition, or criticism, or antagonism. Jesus Christ observes a blind man. This blind man had never ever seen. He had never seen people.

Challenges Facing Christianity

Christianity today is facing many challenges, both spiritually and from politically motivated discrimination. Criminal acts in the name of Christianity blur the true Christian’s reputation.

There is One God, One Son, and One Holy Spirit – The Trinity is the Crutch For Biblical Ignorance

The Biblical Tradition, as handed down, has been confused as to the true identity of The Almighty amongst Archangels constantly referred to as “God” throughout the Bible. The Trinity is used to explain away the inconsistent nature of the uses of the Hebrew term Eloheem.

A New Vision of Catholicism For the 21st Century

Catholicism is essentially an experience. It is the human experience informed and understood metaphorically by the experiences of others, stretching back 2,000 years and beyond, and by the rich and diverse pattern of stories and symbols, practices and ideas, that interpret and hand on those experiences.

How to Find Christian Faith, Trust, and Patience in Today’s Economy and Society

People of every background and faith feel the pinch and worry caused by stresses in the economy, society, and those resulting from political differences. Christians have the answer available to them today; the promise of peace and joy through faith, trust, and finding patience in God.

What Really Happens When No One is Watching

I remember reading a fascinating account about a hotel owner who was constantly being yelled at by irate customers. No matter what he did to try to improve the hotel’s service, people still complained just as often and just as loud. One day it might be the price of a room, another if might be the maid service, and then it would be complaints about the softness of the beds.

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