Pretty Faces, Plain Sewers and Raging Hormones In a Custom-Designed Earth

Is sex a test of human obedience like the Edenic forbidden fruit? Of the Ten Commandments adultery is the one that traces most directly to hormonal influences. According to St Paul our “vile” bodies wll be replaced in a new earth by glorious bodies. Clearly God could have done better by us originally if He wanted to. The article discusses why He didn’t.

The Effective, Fervent Prayer Of A Righteous Man Avails Much

How often have you prayed for something and did not get an answer? You may have waited and waited on the answer but still it did not come. I know I have done this many times but I knew in my heart that there was a reason for it but I just did not know what it was until I found James 5:16.

The Youth

When the World Youth Day in 1995 happened in Manila, I was a mother of two young girls, who both went to a Catholic school run by sisters. I was lucky to be one of those parents able to attend the events of the program. It was fervent and inspiring.

A Shining Star!

The Light we’ve been given isn’t just for us to see by – somebody around you needs it much more than you realize. So “Let it shine!”

Gratitude: Robitussin for the Soul

God’s Word says to give thanks in all things, right? (1 Thessalonians 5:18) Most of us have read or heard that at least a few dozen times before, so it comes as no earthshaking surprise. But have you ever wondered how God could really expect you to be thankful when the bills are all past due, the kids are all past getting on your last nerve, your dog just drowned in the toilet and the goldfish got hit by a bus (and you still haven’t figured out how it got out of the bowl in the first place, let alone all the way over to Main Street)? You’re thinking, “Life’s not only running over me, it’s backed up a few times to try to finish the job… so why should I be giving thanks?” Well, let’s take a quick look at it, shall we?

Martin Luther’s Rudiments of Faith

Faith and works, according to Martin Luther, a pillar of the Reformation, are so implicit of the true believer’s modus operandi that they cannot but love. This is a radical concept. This faith can only be lived, not discussed or written about (please forgive me for writing about it) or pondered… it has to find traction within the lives of real people and real situations.

Atheism And Christianity – Some Similarities And Differences

Some similarities amuse us – many children are obviously ‘chips off the old block’. And there are many other examples. Many similarities we expect: products from the same manufacturer… but between Atheism and Christianity? Now that might be stretching it! Yes, indeed for how can what appear to be polar opposites have any similarity? In this article I aim to show the basis for the similarities and differences. You may find some of them surprising.

Entering The Kingdom Of God Today

Jesus used many ways to bring his word to people’s hearts and minds. In Luke’s Gospel we meet a surprising word; “forces” as he explains how the climax of the ages has arrived with himself, and the breaking into history of the royal reign of God; “The Law and the Prophets were until John; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is preached, and everyone forces his way into it.’ Hang on, this sounds a bit frenzied! Why so much eagerness to enter the kingdom of God? What’s going on?

Together Everyone Achieves the Mission (TEAM)

Together everyone achieves the mission. Great endeavors require teamwork. Nehemiah, in the Old Testament, is an example of a man who understood leadership and how to use teams to get things done.

5 Stewardship Bible Verses for Daily Sustenance

We must interpret Bible verses in context and realize it is God’s will we seek, not ours. Stewardship Bible verses or other Bible verses are significant to followers of Jesus because they could guide them to the abundant life that Jesus promised.

What Is Going On With All This Hate and Rage In the World?

Today, I had a chance meeting with someone at Starbucks who happened to be a pastor at a local church nearby. It wasn’t one that I was familiar with, but the gentleman knew his stuff, and we were talking about the Arab Spring, and the terrible US Embassy attacks in over 20 countries in the Middle East. The most notable were in Egypt, and in Libya where the American ambassador to the country was killed. The Swiss Embassy was attacked in Iran.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – Really?

God needs us whole and strong in every area of our lives. That’s because our Blessing isn’t just for us – it’s for everybody around us, too.

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