Resurrection Versus Reincarnation – What Is More Likely?

It’s Easter Sunday as this article is written and the day when Christians focus on a resurrected Christ who ultimately rose to heaven to sit on the right hand of God. There are many errors in this story and the Trinity, which is the basis of the religion, is one while the existence of heaven is another. Both these elements are at odds with reality and border on the theme of another story – The Emperor with No Clothes, written by Hans Christian Anderson.

The Daughter of Zion and the Return of Elijah

Who is she and why is it important at this time to know what she is saying? Those who know and understand the prophecies in the Old Testament will know that certain promises were made concerning the last days. Among them is the Mountain of God and the return of Elijah (Malachi 4:5).

Blinded and Deafened to Truth So God Cannot Talk to Them

It’s a serious fact that those caught up in religious idealism or who belong to groups that insist their members stay without exploring elsewhere are blinded and deafened to truth. This is how the world has become so unstable and why it is facing the end of the day. It was in God’s plan, however, to make it this way and religions and other systems enforce its will.

The Religion of Rome and Babylon the Great

The Romans are originally the Amors who inhabited Babylon and who started the religion of Islam. They occupied the entire Mesopotamia region and built a huge empire by raiding, plundering, torturing, enslaving, and murdering those of other nations that they then occupied as their own. They are recorded in texts from that time as the most animal-like savages who spared no one and took everything.

Icons and Idols Have No Power, But Are Treated As Gods

There is no power in something that is created of matter from the earth. Clay moulded into images that are painted to look like something resembling human form started in the Ice Age when men manufactured images of Mother God. It was a stylised version of the sun as a woman and she was shown giving birth to all living things, animals and humans alike.

Why the Internet Is the Mountain of God

We are promised that in the last days, the mountain of God will appear and all people will flow to it (Micah 4:1). It is an instrument of communication that bypasses critiques and the information thereon cannot be altered, changed, or buried by others once it is published. Anyone can tap into it and read for themselves the evidence that is overturning lies and myths and it is a passage to knowledge that was previously blocked by a wall of confusion and mystery.

Scenes of Devastation Played Out As the End of Days Arrives

After my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the one and only God, it commissioned me to ‘tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.’ To do the job there was a long learning curve and many visions to educate me into the things that God wants the world to know. It provided the tools to do it and one of them is the Internet.

Superficial Views of God Through the Eyes of Man

The brain is not capable of passing a certain point when one thinks of the Great Spirit of the Universe. The size of it is beyond comprehension and the idea that a supernatural power has created it does not fit with the superficial view of God in man’s eyes. It is just too big an issue and so the idea of a god that can be manipulates, even killed, by men is more to their liking.

God’s Secrets Have Tested Everyone

People of ‘faith’ think they know it all. They have been educated from books that stay on focus and the expectation of communities. Some concentrate on a heavenly father and his son.

Why Did God Send a Woman to Bring in the Harvest at the End of the Day?

There are only men and women to choose from when it comes to the work of God. Men are corrupt and think only of power and control. Women are the nurturers of the young and think more of the spiritual things that link them to God.

Why the Daughter of Zion Is Not Mentioned in the New Testament

While Jerome was well educated and appointed to bring unity to the religion of Constantine, who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD, he served an agenda of deceit. The background of all Romans was Islam which was taken to the world by the Amors. They occupied Babylon and built a huge empire over the Mesopotamia region as the Persians.

Is There Power in Shed Blood or Is It a Myth or a Trick?

How many times has my blood been shed and what has happened as a consequence? Nothing! And nothing happens when anyone else sheds blood.

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